The meaning of the film Shirley Myrli 1995

Vladimir’s films are distinguished by rare depth and love for Russia. The film “Shirley Myrli” differs from the director’s previous works, and the audience did not immediately understand the creator of the picture. But love for the native country is also shown in this comedy.

What is Shirley Myrley’s movie about?

The film is set in Russia. Vasily Krolikov, a talented thief-reductist, stole a huge diamond called “The Savior of Russia”. Thanks to the ability to transform into anyone, the kidnapper did it subtly and with humor. Now both the police and the mafia are hunting for the diamond, and therefore for Rabbit.

Vasily is hiding in the apartment of his mother, who used to work as a Moscow-Kherson train conductor. At her house, Rabbits learns the secret of his birth – he has a twin brother, and their real father is a Jew by nationality.

By mistake, instead of Krolikov, his brother, the famous conductor Innokenty Shniperson, was arrested. And Vasily had to replace his twin brother at his own wedding with the American Carol Paragraph. A lot of funny things happen during the movie. And everywhere you can’t do without the cheerful Krolikov and his intelligent brother. It suddenly turns out that there are three twin brothers. The third is Roman Almazov, a gypsy. The brothers find common ground.

Police officer Jean-Paul Nikolaevich Piskunov finds the Savior of Russia diamond in a tub of cabbage. And everyone in a huge plane is flying to rest in the Canary Islands for 3 years. And the flight steward is another twin, Patrick Rabbit. The plane flies over the boundless expanses, and from below, the twin brothers of Krolikov of all possible nations of Russia, Japan and the USA are waving to the passengers.

The meaning of the name

The title of the film actually means nonsense and nonsense. It perfectly shows the whole difficult situation in the country after perestroika.

What is the meaning of the film Shirley Myrli

The bright, sparkling buffoonery of the comedy perfectly reflects the state of Russia after perestroika. The creator of the film, Vladimir Menshov, managed to show everything that every inhabitant of the country noticed, but was afraid to say even to himself.

Life is like a mirror

The film is full of events. Everything happens quickly, there is no order, harmony. And this curious construction of the plot reflects the reality of those years.

In the country, everything was really chaotic. The people, not accustomed to the new reality, not understanding what was happening, experienced all the chaos that was happening after perestroika. The creators of the film brought the situation to the court of the viewer, gave it lightness and comedy.

New orders

The film shows an emphasis on the sad order of those times. The police lost their authority, and the guards, who had been respected before, were replaced by bandits, or the so-called mafia. The filmmakers deliberately emphasized this sad fact. The mafia suddenly became prestigious in Russia.

This stratum of society has taken over the responsibility of the police – to protect.

All people are brothers

The main idea that the director wanted to show in his comedy was the relationship between different nationalities.

He wanted to show the importance of understanding other nations, respect for their customs and customs, their mentality. The idea was a success for the creator of the picture, everyone thought about how many people of all possible nations are around, and everyone has their own thoughts and feelings.

Russian dream

“The Savior of Russia” perfectly reflects the whole state of the country of those times. Many did not live well, did not know what to do in the new conditions. And the subtle scene of the film, when everyone is flying to the Canary Islands for three years, shows people’s dreams – to get rid of the mess and the feeling of uncertainty, and fly away to the paradise islands, to a beautiful and peaceful life.

The American dream

Relations between Russia and the United States of those times are also shown with humor. Everyone seemed to see the help, but there was no feeling that America treats our country as an equal. It is sad for everyone from the scenes in the film, where America is presented as the highest state, where order and prosperity reign.

But the creators were not going to idealize America, they showed not only its shortcomings, but also the patriotism of the Russian people.

Music of change

Emphasizes the great changes in the life of the country after perestroika and the music in the film. At the concert, where Vasily Krolikov was forced to replace his brother, conductor Innokenty Shniperson, the classical concert turned into a fun performance with purely Russian, long-forgotten melodies.

And the hall, seriously tuned to strict classical music, picked up native motives and cheered.

The meaning of the final

At the end of the film, everyone flies to the Canary Islands. All passions have subsided, everyone looks calm and peaceful.

And therein lies a special prophetic meaning. The filmmakers are trying to convey to the viewer a clear realization that the chaos will certainly end. A peaceful life awaits people ahead. The endless expanses that everyone sees from the plane emphasize the overall picture of appeasement.

Below, among the forests and yurts, remote villages and noisy cities, the lucky ones flying to the dream islands are greeted by people of different nationalities. And they all look like Vasily Krolikov. This scene emphasizes the main idea of ​​the film that all people are brothers. In addition to the main thought about the brotherhood of peoples, the director wants to say that dreams must come true, even such crazy ones as a trip to the Canary Islands for three years.

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