The meaning of the film “Return”

Today we will talk about the real pride of modern Russian cinema – the film “Return”. It was directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, winner of numerous awards. And this work, as its author, also received awards. For example, the main prize of the Venice Film Festival, as well as the Golden Eagle awards as the best film of 2003 and Nika. Let’s look at why this picture is so highly valued and what is the depth of its meaning?

What is the movie “Return” about?

The beginning of the film is shown as footage from a boat that sank in endless water. On Sunday, several boys decide to jump into the water. Ivan cannot decide whether to jump or not. His brother Andrei jumped. Mom comes to the boys, it is clear that she is worried about them.

On Monday, Vanya wants to take part in a football game with the guys. But the game as such does not work, because a fight breaks out between the brothers. The boys ran home screaming, but their mother told them not to make noise, because their father was sleeping in the room. None of them had ever seen their dad, but Ivan found an old photo and realized that there was a resemblance between the sleeping man and the person in the photo. When he wakes up, he starts calling the boys for a hike.

But the brothers can’t calm down in any way: where did their dad come from? The night before the trip, they agreed that he was a pilot, and now he came home to rest. However, no one gets an answer to the same question asked to the mother.

Tuesday. Children are traveling with their father in a car. The man declares that he wants to call them sons, and they, accordingly, should call him dad. The cafe where it was planned to sit is closed, and Andrei, at the request of his father, goes to look for a similar, but already open place. They left with Ivan, and three hours later it turns out that the son found a cafe, but did not tell anyone about the find.

Then dad gives them rather strange adult assignments: pay off the bill at the institution, deal with hooligans, and brings one of them so that his sons can deal with him. Ivan and Andrei do not understand what is happening to them and to the man who calls himself their dad. He actually has three days to get to a certain place.

Wednesday. Ivan is fishing, but he is forced to go somewhere. The father is very angry at his whining and requests to leave him fishing, so he leaves him on the road and leaves with his second son. As a result, they returned for him, but only to pull the car out of the mud and let it pass. Ivan persuades Andrei to refuse to travel, but is refused, and Ivan himself is beaten in the face by his father.

Thursday. The father informs the children that they must sail to the island. But the engine of the boat stalls, so the boys row with their hands, despite the wild fatigue in the body. Ivan says that he will kill him if he does something like that again.

On Friday, Ivan steals a knife from his father, he does not care about his brother’s persuasion. Everyone climbs the lighthouse on the island, but Vanya again refuses to climb to such a huge height, risking his life for an unclear goal. When it rains, a man climbs into a wooden house and digs out a box with unclear contents. As a result, the father throws himself from the lighthouse, trying to climb up after the rebellious Ivan.

The meaning of the film

The idea of ​​the film, of course, is to show the relationship between fathers and children. The father does not agree at all with his children, in particular with Ivan. Andrey agrees with dad, because he has already matured and understands more than Ivan. However, Ivan cannot be called stupid, because he is desperately fighting for his rights and interests, and this deserves respect.

The second interpretation of the film says that it has more biblical overtones. No wonder Andrei agrees to drink wine with his father, which has been repeatedly perceived by Orthodox believers as a sacred drink, like the blood of Jesus Christ.

If we combine them together, it will be clear that the departure of a child from the custody of the father is an important process in the life of every person, that of the father, that of the son, that of the people around them. This has been discussed for many centuries by the most talented writers and creators in principle. The Father can be perceived as both the biological father and the Father in the sense of God. This conflict cannot be resolved, which is what the film’s ambiguity hints at.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

What is the result of this clash between the Father and the son? Unknown. Everyone should think about it for themselves. What can this clash of divine power and human power lead to?

We are given only a hint at one of the possible lines of development of events. The Divine will come to us, but we will not appreciate it. In particular, the younger generation, such as Ivan, will not do this, because they are already far from this. It will try to reason with people, but in the end it will break on waves of misunderstanding. After that, everything will disappear, like dad disappeared from the photos, and there will be no hope left.

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