The meaning of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman”

The Russian historical film “Once upon a time there was a woman” tells about a difficult period in people’s lives. The viewer looks at the events taking place through the eyes of a peasant woman who had to endure the Civil War and the Tambov uprising. The director worked on the tape for a long time, checking every detail. Now the viewer has a chance to touch the Russian hinterland and understand what values ​​and life guidelines people of that era had.

The meaning of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman”

The film “Once upon a time there was a woman” is the story of a simple Russian peasant woman. The girl is getting married. Looks like a bright future ahead. The heroine settled with her husband in the house of his family. The relatives of the spouse kept a large farm. Immediately after marriage, the girl had many trials. The heroine is responsible for the cattle. But the girl could not cope with the volume of work. As a result, the relatives beat the heroine with a whip. Barbara cannot and does not want to live like this anymore.

The viewer can note that the girl has everything for a good life. She has a roof over her head, food, a husband. But in her heart, the heroine experiences incredible suffering. It is morally difficult for her to be in this house. She feels unwanted in it. Barbara tried to take her own life. But fortunately, the girl survived. The meaning of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman” is to show the inner suffering of a person who is not happy. These are not Varvara’s whims, this is her condition, which she cannot yet influence.

The film shows a tense difficult period in the life of a Russian village. Some points turned out to be very controversial, but the overall picture turned out to be solid and interesting. A direct bold film does not carry any specific goal. The creators of the film do not teach anyone and do not set the right path. The director consistently and systematically shows the historical truth. Sometimes you want to close your eyes, some refuse to believe what is happening on the screen. However, it was precisely these events that the villagers had to face.

With the help of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman”, the viewer managed to touch the atmosphere of that time. The film evokes ambiguous emotions that change more than once throughout the tape. The scale of the performance is impressive. The creators of the picture tell not just about a single village. Before us is the whole of Russia. However, events unfold within the same farm. But the director assures that the life of the peasants is not significantly different. Women experience beatings and mistrust from men. The drama of the fairer sex is so deep that sometimes the thought arises of how they could endure it, survive it.

The cast is brilliantly chosen. The viewer believes every word, every action, every emotion. Daria Ekamasova is convincing and sincere in the role of the peasant woman Varvara. The actress showed the inner core of a woman who had to cope with many troubles and misfortunes. An uneducated, narrow-minded peasant woman is trying to survive in this difficult world. But Barbara tries not only to exist, she wants to love, to fill her life with meaning. However, the heroine could not manage to achieve peace of mind.

Some critics claim that the image of the village is shown incorrectly. Dirt, injustice, suppression of the interests of individual residents are all around. However, this is our history and a difficult period in the life of society. Living with love alone is not easy. And is it worth it? People needed faith. Faith in yourself, your dear. Faith in the best. But they just went with the flow. A joyless gray existence, overshadowed by riots, hostilities and the unwillingness of the authorities to listen to the voice of the people. The viewer saw the image of a simple Russian woman who left our lives.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman”

The director chose a difficult topic for his film. However, his work deserves positive reviews and praise. People should not forget their history, because without the past there is no future. At the end of the film, it is difficult for the viewer to hold back tears. At the moment when friends say goodbye to their comrades, it began to rain. This is no coincidence. Nature, Russia are crying together with ordinary people who have experienced a lot of grief, faced with injustice.

Russian land in the water. With the help of this image, the director conveyed the state of the country at that difficult time. Before the viewer Russia. Depressed, wounded, drowned. A powerful movie that makes you look at our life today differently. After watching the movie, many of our problems go by the wayside. A person begins to think about something really important.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Once upon a time there was a woman” is to show a kind of result of the difficult events that happened to the peasant people. Some people were not ready for problems and trials. However, they were not asked about their desires. The peasants became hostages of the system. But not every viewer is ready to learn the cruel historical “truth”. No embellishments or distractions. However, there are those who fully supported the director and stood up for the truth, no matter how bitter and unpleasant it may be.

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