The meaning of the film Motherland 2015

The film “Motherland”, from director Pyotr Buslov (he also shot the films “Boomer”, “Boomer 2”, “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive”, was released in 2015 and immediately collected a lot of mixed reviews.

The plot of the film Motherland

The plot of the film begins in the state of Goa, which is a favorite vacation spot among Russians. The story is tied to the fact that the daughter of a millionaire escaped from a private jet and he is trying to find her. At the same time, a young man from Novosibirsk, in search of “enlightenment”, stumbles upon a DJ who introduces him to LSD. Another hero in the form of an important official calls his wife for a conversation, to whom he admits that he no longer loves her, from which she goes into all serious trouble. There are two more heroes – bandits who are in Goa in search of easy sex and drugs, and while in these searches, the guys stumble upon the missing daughter of a millionaire.

The film turned out to be unpleasant for many because of the behavior of the main characters. Throughout the film, we are shown several storylines, but one thing unites them – the unpleasant behavior of Russian people.

Toward the end of the film, the two heroes improve and begin to win over the audience, but the first part of the film has to be watched “tortured” due to the unpleasant behavior of all the main characters.

Despite the fact that the plot is tied specifically to Russian heroes, viewers from the first minutes like another controversial character – Deepak, the chief of police in India. Despite the fact that he is engaged in corruption and does not show himself as a policeman, the character still wins the love of the audience with his calmness against the backdrop of the ongoing chaos. The film also contrasts this hero with a Russian character, Deepak, despite his shortcomings, is a sincerely sympathetic and sympathetic person, he even has his own values, for example, in the form of Gandhi. Against his background, the heroes from Russia seem simply monstrous, with their gangster inclinations and bad intentions.

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews with a desire to watch a movie or even a whole series about Deepak, but the filmmakers focus on Russians, drug trips and rave parties, disappointing their viewers.

The film, unfortunately, although it tries to show us the effects of drugs, does it very ineptly. The plot is based on stories about how people’s personalities change with drug intoxication. The values ​​of life presented in the film are questionable. For example, one of the storylines: a woman realizes that it is time to end the relationship with her rich husband, after which she changes her appearance – gets tattoos and cuts her hair short, after which she starts selling hashish. And it is presented in such a way that it was in this way of life that the girl found her happiness. In this story, as well as in others, you do not believe and do not like the character. Yes, she found herself in such a life, but can we, the audience, be happy for her? Unlikely.

When watching the film, the question may arise, why is the film called “Motherland” if all the events take place in Goa? The fact is that all the heroes of this film do not like their country, by the way, even at the end of the film they do not change their minds. The heroes who are forced to return to Russia perceive this as a tragedy. At the same time, the film makes us understand that no matter how the characters relate to their homeland, they still remain Russian. It’s a shame that being Russian in the film is not a collection of both good and bad, but rather a curse. In the film, there is even a monologue of the hero about the “shitty” Russians. And despite the fact that he says this on emotions, in a moment of despair, it becomes clear that he has had these thoughts for a long time and if he were in a calm state, he would say the same about the Russians.

Despite the fact that the picture ended with a character’s line that sounds like some kind of reconciliation with Russia, this is spoken by a side character who has no conflicts with his homeland and who was not going to linger in Goa. But the main characters have a different opinion, which has not changed throughout the film.

In short, “Motherland” can only find a response in the hearts of those viewers who are in solidarity with the opinion of the author of the film about the perception of Russian reality. The film shows us both Russia itself and its citizens, exclusively in dark and gloomy colors. For many, this picture caused a storm of discontent, because our country is multifaceted, and despite the fact that there is a lot of bad things in it, it is not as bad as it is drawn in the film.

What is the movie Motherland about?

In general, the plot and meaning of the film lies in family values, self-respect and personal development, from which the main characters of the film are so diligently trying to escape. The message of the film is “homeland is what we live by”, and not everyone lives the way they would like to see their homeland.

Probably, as elsewhere, everyone will see for themselves their own meaning of the picture. But the author’s message is obvious about what often vile characters and positions our compatriots have, what moral values ​​and desires they have. And at this moment, the audience has the right to agree with the director’s stated opinion or not, because for everyone, the homeland looks different.

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