The meaning of the film “Moscow”

More than twenty years ago, the long-awaited film by Alexander Zeldovich “Moscow” was released. It was filmed in the genre of drama, and indeed, it would be difficult to choose another direction for a rather tragic scenario. But the script, no matter how the critics say, is based on real events and fully reflects the wild 90s in Russia, the former country of the USSR.

But there is no longer a socialist state, just as there seems to be no cultural and moral memory left. There is no past or future here. This is just harsh reality.

What is the movie “Moscow” about?

On the main plan of the film is the city of Moscow. Little is left of its former glory. Now, instead of bright festivities and sparkling smiles, drug trafficking, prostitution and crime have flourished here. The main thing for the local people is to get money, and the easier it is, the better.

The picture shows well the maturation of a new class of “new Russians” – people who made their fortune in the 90s on the mass crisis and the misery of other people. A man named Michael during one of the regular transportation of “black cash” for such people notices something is wrong. Instead of several hundred banknotes in the amount of about three hundred thousand dollars, he sees one dollar bills, which brings him into a real brutal rage. Leo, who gave him this money, claims that this order was received correctly, and he brought what was given to him. But it is clear that Michael does not believe this, because when transferring such huge amounts, everything must be recalculated. Surely it was Leo who cleaned everything up for himself, but the customer seemed to be convinced that Leo was right.

But the troubles didn’t end there. Michael’s fiancée is cheating on her husband with the main suspect in embezzlement of big money. Michael is horrified by all this, trying to forget himself in idle entertainment and business: having sex with beautiful girls who are empty and worthless, swallowing liters of alcohol. Of course, this only gives relief for a while, and this does not make things any easier.

In the end, a group of creditors still finds Michael and threatens him with death, because he could not return the money. But he has no money, as he himself admits, so they pay him off in a different way – with a bullet in the head. And Olya, after all, goes to Leo.

The meaning of the film

The main idea of ​​the film is to show the terrible side of life that Moscow had to face. And not only to her, but to all the inhabitants of a vast country in the nineties, which can truly be called a crisis.

Everything in this period of time is ruled by money, but humanity and kindness have long been forgotten. No one remembers what love and mutual respect are, because women could sleep with anyone and with whom they want, regardless of whether they have a boyfriend or husband or not. Prostitution also developed actively, because there was no work, and if there was, the salary was given out incomprehensibly by what and how. But I wanted to feel beautiful and not feel the need for money …

Everyone is trying to frame each other in order to get material assets into their wallet, and preferably more. But no one thinks that behind something you have stolen there may be consequences in the form of depriving someone of life.

Material wealth is nothing more than a formality, and you will not find happiness in it. Humanity and humanity stand first of all, and it is on those people who believe in this that society will be able to get out of the endless battle for money, houses, luxurious girls and an extra batch of drugs.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

The film ends with the murder of a philanthropist, who eventually went bankrupt. And his wife still goes to the deceiver Leo, because she doesn’t care who to be with, she doesn’t know what true love and affection for a person is. This means that in the end, bad people won, and they will rule the world.

But in fact, the ending is very pessimistic. We know that in the end, good will defeat evil and disperse an incomprehensible gang of thieves and murderers who, for political and economic reasons, occupy high positions and do not count money for anything, because they know that there are a lot of them. There will also be those who fairly and honestly went their way from beginning to end. It is these people who have always been, are and will be held in high esteem by the people.

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