The meaning of the film “Military field romance”

The popular melodrama was released in 1984. The film fell in love with the Soviet audience, he visited international festivals, had a good box office. His theme will never become outdated, because at all times a man often faces a difficult choice, the need to make a difficult decision. The main character, Alexander Netuzhilin, got into a very difficult situation.

The tape begins with the Great Patriotic War. The Red Army is advancing, the soldiers are sitting in the trenches and waiting for an attack. Our hero is different from the rest. Terrible events could not kill the romantic and intellectual in him. He is secretly in love with a young nurse who is too beautiful against the background of the fighting. Netuzhilin is ready to fight with his comrades, defending the honor of Lyuba, who is the field wife of their commander. The guy resigned himself to the fact that the blonde does not pay attention to him. She feels good and comfortable in the dugout of the handsome major. Only after the shelling did she bandage the wounded and sometimes rescue the boys who had not been shelled.

The war is over, the viewer finds himself in winter Moscow, which has already healed its wounds and lives a peaceful life. Sasha survived, returned from the front without obvious injuries. He studies history and works as a projectionist. He has a wife: Vera is smart and tactful. Two intelligent people live well in a room in a communal apartment, which once completely belonged to the spouse’s parents. The couple is well dressed and does not go hungry.

One day, Netuzhilin notices a pie vendor. A woman in a sheepskin coat and felt boots briskly convened buyers: in the bitter cold, she had to make a plan and earn a living. She has a friend with a tray of ice cream, and next to her is a girl of about five wrapped in a scarf. Our intellectual decides to have a bite to eat and carefully examines the saleswoman. She strongly reminds him of someone. Alexander immediately recognized the one with whom he was unrequitedly in love on the battlefields. Nothing is left of its former beauty – the nurse has turned into a woman, exhausted by the hardships of life, who earns her living hard. She doesn’t remember him, which is understandable. In her former life, there were a lot of admirers, who cannot be counted. She sells a pie to a projectionist and brashly responds to his courtesies. But this did not embarrass the hero, tomorrow he comes to again and completely redeems all the goods.

The flame of love flares up in his soul again. Now he is just a macho, and she is an unfortunate single mother without her own corner. Alexander is ready to help her, they develop a friendship. Lyuba is again loved and desired, as in the war years. He looks after his daughter, takes them to his projectionist’s room, and tries to help find a separate apartment in the executive committee. The military field wife of the commander is transformed before our eyes, because she is valued and respected. There is only one problem – Netuzhilin does not tell her that he is married. But the legal spouse already suspects something was wrong. She is informed that Sasha sometimes sells pies.

The front-line soldier invited his fighting girlfriend to a concert of classical music – it was on New Year’s Eve. The merchant quickly got tired of the sounds that were difficult for her soul and the strict rules in the hall. They went for a walk and met Alexander’s wife. The scandal did not work out: the ridiculous scene ended with the fact that the wise Vera Nikolaevna called Antipova to visit. The love triangle problem ended with a drunken feast that went peacefully, in a positive way. The intelligent hostess of the apartment was able, with her intellect and tact, to snatch her legal spouse from the insidious hands of temptation and falling in love. But Lyuba entered the life of a projectionist forever, now the main character faces a difficult dilemma: he loves one, but is married to another.

One day, a front-line nurse visits her rival. Two women of one man arrange gatherings. The pie vendor is trying to convince the kind teacher that you have to fight for the peasant and not let him stare at others. Very soon, Lyuba comes to work with Sasha and asks to look after her daughter. She is smart, she needs to be at the party. But he understands that she has someone appeared. This is the head of the executive committee, an order bearer and a front-line soldier. A spark broke out between them after the second visit of a woman with a written statement. Soon they become husband and wife, comfortable housing and material wealth take their toll. Lyuba even quits and no longer trades in the cold.

Sasha has a real storm in her soul. Once upon a time, the beloved woman again preferred a stronger, more influential, wealthier one. The hero wanders around Moscow at night, kicks ice out of drainpipes with his feet and thus deprives the people of sleep. For hooligan tricks, the violator is detained by an equestrian guard, put on a horse and slowly escorted to the department. But Vera appears from around the corner, she begs the peace officer to let go of the front-line soldier, who needs a diet and home comfort. The prayers of a loving wife had an effect on the security officer, the heroes stand on the embankment and admire the frozen river. The author gives an excellent opportunity for the viewer to think for themselves and decide what will happen to the characters next.

The picture does not solve the global problems of mankind, but will surely give a hint to any inexperienced man. It is necessary to appreciate the one who loves you and has long been betrayed. You should not look after an unfortunate lady if you have not confessed to her your marital status. The deception will definitely be revealed, it will be bad for all participants in the love triangle. It is foolish to be an eternal romantic and not appreciate the realities of life. And every beauty should understand that her appearance does not affect a happy future and the absence of problems. Fate may turn out so that you have to work hard and be on the verge of survival. Every thinking viewer will find something remarkable for themselves in the tape.

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