The meaning of the film “Little Faith”

The film “Little Vera” was released in 1988 and became a real sensation of that time. It was unusual to see the underside of the life of the Soviet people in a way that had never been shown before. For inexperienced Soviet viewers, the frank sex scenes present in the picture produced the effect of an exploding bomb. But explicit scenes are not the main thing for which the film was created. What did the creators of the picture want to say and did they manage to convey their idea?

the Forbidden fruit is sweet

The film “Little Vera” put an end to the history of Soviet cinema and opened a completely new page. What is the secret of the popularity of this tape, which was watched by every fifth inhabitant of the Soviet Union?

Of course, the director of the film became a real pioneer in the topic of sex in Russian cinema. Prior to this, Soviet viewers could only be shown a modest kiss or, in extreme cases, a slightly bare female breast.

That very famous intimate scene of Vera and Sergey was not even written into the script at first, but the director Vasily Pichul convinced his colleagues of its necessity. He was able to defend the picture in this form and at the artistic council, which was a real victory.

When the picture was released, there was talk about it, that they were showing “it”, and the audience was literally eager for the sessions.

For many Soviet people, the scenes they saw in the company had the effect of an exploding bomb. They were so shocked by sex, which had not been in the Union before, that they did not notice the rest of the plot and did not understand and did not accept the main message of the film. In fact, the creators of “Little Vera” showed very important moments in it, which made the picture one of the most important milestones of our cinema.

What is the point of the movie

The director and screenwriter of “Little Vera” was able to give people the opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror and think about how and why they live. It was this impossible veracity that made the picture iconic, and not at all explicit sex scenes.

Vera grows up in an ordinary working-class family. His father works as a truck driver and drinks heavily in his spare time. The mother works in a garment factory and is so tormented by housework that she is not at all interested in her daughter’s experiences. The main thing is that she graduates from school, regularly mop the floors and does not “bring in the hem”.

Vera graduated from high school and is now busy with the fact that every evening she and her friend go out with the guys, go to discos, and drink. Andrey, a sailor student, takes care of her, but she doesn’t like him, she just tolerates him for the time being.

Suddenly, Vera meets student Sergei Sokolov and takes a liking to him. That famous scene in the student dormitory happens to him, for the sake of which the audience went to film shows. Sergei is not like Vera and her entourage. When he comes to the house of Vera’s parents, he immediately sees how miserable they live. And the parents immediately feel Sergey’s foreignness, although they do not understand what it is.

The creators of the film became followers of Russian raznochintsy writers, who showed the life of the people in the most unattractive conditions. In the modern world, it turned out to be no less scary.

The whole plot of the picture is an ode to everyday life in all its ugliness. The heroes of the film are not interested in anything but everyday life. There is always food in the frame. The mother of the heroine is constantly engaged in preparations. The little kitchenette is full of jars, and the woman continues to carry heavy bags every day. Even arguing with her husband, she does not stop shifting food, setting the table and eating. When the alleged fiancé of Vera Sergey comes to visit, the mother, first of all, tries to feed and drink everyone.

Even young people, who, it would seem, should bring new ideas and build a new life, cannot break out of the vicious circle of everyday life. They have it new, shocking fathers and mothers, but still everyday life. Every day they go to a disco, get drunk, fight with drunken eyes. And he does it all as if they were sick of it for a long time.

That is why Vasily Pichul so defended the erotic scene. Only in it there is something unusual, breaking out of the general vicious circle.

The film became a pioneer precisely because for the first time the audience faced the question “How to live?” After all, before that, all Soviet paintings with their plot said “Live like this and nothing else.”

“Little Faith” does not call for morality, does not explain what to do. She says: “It’s your life and you decide what to do with it.”

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