The meaning of the film “Ice”

At the beginning of the picture, they show a little girl Nadia, who lived with her mother in a tiny apartment and was very interested in figure skating. A loving mother did everything to arrange her daughter in the section: she tried to negotiate with the coach, bought books, studied with her daughter.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes: the girl’s mother dies of a heart attack. Nadya is taken under guardianship by her aunt. The girl grieves for her beloved mother. But she does not leave her dream of figure skating, she practices according to the book and tries very hard to ensure that the coach takes her to the national team, literally spending the night under her windows.

They take the girl, she gets a very strict and demanding coach. Nadia begins difficult everyday life at the figure skating school. The girl does not succeed at once, she noticeably lags behind her peers. But Nadia endures pain, clenching her teeth, patiently endures failures.

Nadezhda is growing, gradually mastering the sport, by adolescence she shows excellent results. The girl is invited to perform in the capital with a well-known and very attractive partner, everything is going well, young people start an affair, they are ready to move mountains together. But at one of the performances, Nadezhda falls and is seriously injured.

The girl is forced to move in a wheelchair, there is hope for recovery, but weak. During this period, the hockey player Sasha, a very sincere and spontaneous young man, voluntarily and forcibly helps Nadia. He becomes a reliable support for her, because stage partner Volodya escaped from difficulties, and the girl risks being left alone with her own helplessness and depression. Gradually, a strong friendship is born between Sasha and the former figure skater, and then something more …

Meanwhile, Nadia’s health is restored, she learns to walk again, and then again gets back on skates. The girl is invited to the capital to take part in a major competition paired with her former partner Volodya. But he does not believe in Nadezhda so much that at a crucial moment he simply does not go out on the ice with her. But Sasha comes out instead. They successfully work out the number program.

The meaning of the film “Ice”

The meaning of the film is that one should never give up, no matter what difficulties a person faces. You need to persevere towards your goal, if you fall, then get up and go again. So the late mother said to Nadezhda, she remembered these words forever and was guided by them in later life.

The name of the girl was chosen very symbolically: hope, as they say, dies last. If you believe in the best and make every effort, then everything will definitely work out.

Having lost her mother, little Nadia did not despair, but began to stubbornly seek to be accepted into the team and achieved her goal, although the coach refused for a long time. Then, while studying, Nadezhda with sweat and blood achieved excellent results in figure skating. And gradually became the best in the business.

Then, having received a serious injury, the girl learns to live again. First, she tries to accept her new position, get out of a state of depression and grief, then – to get on her feet, then – to return to the sport. What strength of mind was required from a fragile girl to overcome all the trials that fate had prepared for her!

The love line in the film clearly shows that true love goes through all the difficulties with a person, and does not come easily, right away. Love is manifested in actions, as in the case of Sasha, and not in beautiful words, as in the case of Volodya.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Ice”

The ending of the film demonstrates that a person who has gone through all the difficulties and did not betray his original dream, a person who overcomes his weakness and pain, will always be adequately rewarded. And this reward is happiness.

Happiness also smiled at Nadezhda: now she has a loved one who went with her “through fire, water and copper pipes.” Relationships that have been tested by so many trials will be strong and happy.

Over the years of training, victories and defeats, Nadia has found a reliable and wise friend in her coach.

The girl regained her health, now she can again do what she loves, hone her skills and conquer new heights in sports.

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