The meaning of the film “I want too”

The dramatic film “I also want” was the last work of the famous Russian director Alexei Balabanov. With his film, the talented master outlined the acute problems hanging over society. The film “I want too” is more like a silent movie. You can talk about the hardships of life without words. All the drama of the tape can be felt only once by looking at it on the screen. What is the true meaning of the incredibly poignant film “I Want Too”?

What is ‘I want too’ about?

Between St. Petersburg and Uglich there is a certain mysterious zone. But this mysterious place is known only by rumors. Five brave people decided to go on an incredible journey to this mystical Bell Tower of Happiness. However, this area is fraught with many dangers. This area is famous for its high level of radioactive contamination. All local residents suddenly died.

Travelers are not the same. Among them is a bandit with his friend and his old father, a musician, and a girl of easy virtue. However, they are all united by one goal – they dream of finding their happiness. That is why the heroes are sent to a mysterious place. On their way, the characters will face many obstacles and problems. According to rumors, the Bell Tower of Happiness is not always happy with uninvited guests. In addition, no one has yet been able to return from the mysterious zone alive and unharmed.

The meaning of the film “I want too”

The film “I want too” presents characters who are not entirely respected sections of society. But the characters, despite their professions, like everyone else, dream of happiness. However, they are not ready to change themselves, work hard and achieve the desired results. They need everything at once. No effort and no investment. This idea alone is doomed to fail. Heroes, driven by commercialism, greed, lust, decided to take the easy way. Have they achieved happiness? Unlikely.

The meaning of the film “I also want” is to show that the path to happiness is thorny and difficult. No one forces you to choose uninteresting professions, take boring positions, and then complain about your fate. Almost everything in this life depends on us. Efforts and labors in most cases will be appreciated. However, in the pursuit of material wealth, one should not forget about human qualities. Kindness, honesty, sincerity work real miracles. After all, it is so simple and right to help the needy, to lend a friendly shoulder when it is really necessary. However, instead of doing decent deeds, some prefer to simply wait for happiness, while not missing the opportunity to set someone up for their own benefit.

Perhaps Aleksey Balabanov understood that “I also want” is his last work. In his work, he honestly and sincerely tried to show what he really cares about. The word “too” is also not accidentally used in the title of the film. Many people look with envy at how others live. However, they do not understand that the price of their success is hard and hard work. People are mired in squabbles, gossip. They judge and do not understand those who are somehow different from them. But if a person has found happiness, many people around him want to get the same.

Each of us has our own destiny and our own path, which we must pass honestly and with our heads held high. Problems, troubles, hardships haunt everyone. It is important not only to pay attention to the hardships of existence, but also to the positive pleasant moments. Even the smallest ones. If it seems to you that you can’t cope, think about why you started it all in the first place. Do not look at others, do not envy their success until you know what they have gone through.

A person should always believe in the best. Even if huge black clouds gathered over his head. Even if the gap is not visible at all. Any person can cope with their problems and hardships. No matter how intimidating they may seem at first glance. If we discard the day, distrust, unwillingness to change, a person is capable of much. You have no idea what power is hidden inside you. You need to live for joyful events, perky laughter, a radiant smile, an all-consuming feeling of happiness. Life spirit and faith in yourself decide everything. Without these components, a person dooms himself to a miserable, uninteresting existence. Only forward, while making every possible effort. Then no mysterious Zone will be required to achieve true happiness.

The meaning of the finale of the film “I also want”

There is no need to chase after happiness that has already been lost. It is not necessary to perceive one chance as the only possible one. Life constantly presents gifts to those who believe in it. Greed and unwillingness to make efforts do not lead to anything good. This is the true meaning of the finale of the film “I also want.”

The film very accurately showed human vices. Watching the actions of the characters, the viewer catches the motives of their actions. Why didn’t anyone need these people? Why were they left out of a happy life? There are no easy paths to prosperity and peace. Happiness is already inside you. Only without willpower, self-confidence, striving, a person can never understand this.

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