The meaning of the film “Hypnosis” (2020) directed by Valery Todorovsky

The Russian film “Hypnosis” appeared on the screens of the audience in 2020. Director Valery Todorovsky described a very interesting story in this film, which is similar in genre to a psychological thriller. The cinema received a special prize from the newspaper “Kommersant”, taking part in the International Moscow Film Festival.

The plot of the work is as follows: A young guy Misha suffers from sleepwalking and goes to treat this disorder to the psychotherapist Volkov. In the end, the guy falls under the hypnotic influence of a specialist so much that he ceases to understand where the fiction is and where the real is. But one case forces Misha to conduct his own investigation: under incomprehensible and very mysterious circumstances, one of the psychotherapist’s patients dies. The guy decides to find out what caused the death. His deeds are bad: he does not quite distinguish between dream and reality. What to do when Misha himself is considered the main suspect in the current situation?

The meaning of this film is extremely deep: the authors decided to show the audience that anything can be instilled into a person’s head. In real life, it is not necessary to have the skills of a psychotherapist – some people can inspire any information they need without much effort. The psychotherapist suggested to Misha that he had a first love, and this really affected the guy.

In our modern society, some people also blindly believe what they are told. Now it is extremely difficult to remain yourself and not be influenced by any public opinion, information that comes to us from the media, but people who can resist the flow of information are very strong. They are able to filter information without taking it personally. Although it is extremely easy to fill a person’s head with unnecessary data, it is necessary to systematically repeat the same thing. This is what happened to the psychotherapist and Misha – the constant imposition of thoughts and causes the belief that everything is exactly the way it is.

Just as it is easy to fill in, it is easy to delete information. We allow ourselves to be deceived, to lead our subconscious, but this should not be. Yes, it is extremely difficult to keep the defense, but our whole life is like a fantasy, and it is very important to accept it.

Misha’s parents are infantile in themselves – they decided to conceive a child without going into the stage of growing up. Most likely, this is an opinion imposed by society, and these people were not able to filter it. They did not have time to work up, grow up, but they already had children. This is a good example of how society can manage our subconscious, make choices for us, simply regularly influencing, putting pressure on a person, breaking him psychologically.

The main question that is heard throughout the film is: “who is the main source of deception?” Answer: the man himself. We are deceived as long as we allow it to be done to us. For example, a girl will believe a guy, his words, although they are actually empty. This is because she is fascinated and does not take seriously everything that happens with their relationship in reality. It was as if she was captivated by a veil that does not allow her to see reality without embellishment. The same thing happens with all other people – they allow someone to deceive themselves, because some details do not allow accepting reality, something makes a person not see the real state of things.

Sometimes self-deception allows you to create a picture of an ideal reality. This is beneficial for a person, because there is even a saying “believe, and it will certainly become true.” Miraculously, the ability of a person to believe in his own beautiful world, which in fact does not yet exist, creates that very beautiful world in real reality. Perhaps this is the right attitude and the right thoughts, but in this case, this self-deception, allowing yourself to be deceived, and gives real chances for improving your standard of living.

The psychology of each individual person is special, and it is important to know about it. Everyone perceives information in their own way, which in one way or another affects the brain and the perception of the outside world and people. And each person must consciously make a choice himself: to succumb to this not always positive influence or not. This also applies not only to information from outside, but also to those thoughts that arise in the head of the person himself. Each of us has the right to independently control our lives and our choices.

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