The meaning of the film Green Elephant 1999

The Green Elephant is a 1999 film directed by Svetlana Baskova and produced by Oleg Mavrotti. The film immediately after the release caused mixed reviews, even the actors themselves have different views on this picture. If Sergey Pakhomov (playing Poehavshchiy) highly appreciates the work in such a project, believing that there are very few such works, and each actor gets a chance to participate only once. Pakhomov believes that this is his only and best time. But Vladimir Epifantsev (playing Brother), on the contrary, admits in an interview that he starred in the film only at the request of Svetlana Baskova, so to speak in a friendly way, and now he is ashamed and embarrassed to watch this movie.

The filmmakers are generally positive about their work, although they admit that there were some difficulties. For example, in persuading actors to perform certain scenes. Almost no money was invested in the picture, but it was precisely such cheap sets that fit perfectly for the plot and message of the film.

Svetlana Baskova says that this is an anti-militarist parable directed against the events that took place in Chechnya, such relations of people are alien to her, and she wanted to attract public attention with this film. Undoubtedly, it turned out to attract attention, but critics and viewers were not immediately able to appreciate the picture, it is not easy to watch many frames, and after viewing some questions remain about the plot. Let’s figure out what the meaning of the film “The Green Elephant” is.

The film, of course, is ambiguous, and therefore it is often said that this is just an art house movie, and trash art house, and therefore you should not look for meaning, since it simply does not exist. It is worth accepting this point of view, as the film’s title, according to the director’s interpretation, comes from another art-house movie called Pink Flamingo. This picture also has many defiant scenes, it is bright, flashy and little understood by its viewers.

The meaning of the film Green Elephant

However, we will not dwell on the fact that there is no meaning, but consider other versions. Baskova says that her protest against violence, wars and militarism in general. Man must be free in the world, in choosing his actions and thoughts. So maybe the film is the apogee of this freedom? The heroes finally get rid of the influence of power structures on them, simply kill the captain, and find themselves in free swimming. True, this freedom of thought and behavior for one of the heroes, for the Traveler, manifests itself even before deliverance. In this interpretation, the Poehavshiy is almost a prophet, calling to follow him and behave just as freely and cut off from the cruel, moral world.

It is also possible that the heroes, on the contrary, symbolize a society that, under the influence of military violence, falls into the stage of moral decay, that is, this is a dystopian picture of the future that can await us if the structure of the world does not change. Of course, this is not a real picture, but absurdity raised to the highest degree, but it is precisely such an exaggerated picture of a terrible future that can really make you think.

Svetlana Baskova also noted in the description of the film that the characters personify the best human qualities. Of course, we are talking about the main characters, Poekhavshiy is an example of male friendship, understanding, a little naivety and gullibility, openness to people and the world. Such an interpretation seems slightly different from the general impression of the film, but the picture is still classified as high art, and its author knows better what message was originally invested. Another question is whether this message has been achieved? It is worth noting that although the film had a script, the actors did not rehearse in advance, and many of the dialogues included in the final cut of the film were improvisations of the actors. It turns out that each participant in the picture contributed something from himself, his own, individual, and therefore the meaning of the film can be conveyed slightly distorted than it was intended.

There is an opinion that the film should be taken as a great metaphor for the modern world. Each hero is a separate category, a social layer. Brother is a simple man, slightly rude and not able to take something new on faith, who traveled in this vein has a slightly ironic name, and so, this hero represents a certain revolutionary, a man of new views, ready to fight both with power and law enforcement agencies. This means that “sweet bread” is actually sweet, only Brother does not see this, he is afraid, and therefore for him the dish offered by the Traveler is feces.

Considering the story from this point of view, the ending of the film is quite logical. The revolutionary is trying to convey to others the need to change, to fight militarism and violence, he is looking for non-standard ways of communication – to stand like a crane, for example, but those around him are not ready to accept his faith in a brighter future. In response, the hero receives only violence, insult, they try to perform operations on his personality that can make him the same as those around him. The people of the old faith have no place in the new world, the fighter with the system destroys them, not with their own hands, of course, they put themselves in such conditions, and calmly falls asleep at the end, confident that they have fulfilled their mission well. He offered to join, but he was rejected, which means that the new world is not for them.

In any case, the film was able to unequivocally attract attention and caused a lot of discussion in society, which has not ceased to this day. Calling the film a classic of the genre will not work, because it is still the only one in the history of Russian cinema, but for unknown reasons, after 20 years, new generations continue to watch The Green Elephant, and then discuss and argue. So there is something in this story. Generally speaking, the meaning of the film is to expose the vices of a society in which strength and power decide too much.

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