The meaning of the film “Friend” by Leonid Kvinikhidze

The plot of the film revolves around a drunkard and a dog that can talk.

Kolyun – that was the name of the main character, a very terrible drunkard, he never had enough money for alcohol. One day he wanders around the market, trying to beg money from passers-by, as he said, for a gift for his child. And he wants to give an animal. Of course, no one gives him anything, but Kolyun saw a strange man who had a dog. He is happy to give the dog to the drunkard and even pays him money for it.

With this money, Kolyun wants to have a good drink. He comes to his work, but his boss prevents him from doing “his favorite thing.” She asks him to change, or send him to be treated. Kolyun leaves with a scandal. Returning home, he buys himself alcohol, but already on the stairs of the entrance, thanks to the dog, the bottle falls and breaks. The dog suddenly starts talking. The dog asks his new owner to change.

After this incident, Kolyun begins to play sports and stops drinking. In parallel, he writes two letters to his friend, in which he asks him to help in this situation. Some time passes. Kolyun often talks with an intelligent animal, to which he tells the story of his life. He was a famous accordionist, had a wife (she was blind) and a daughter who was already 7 years old. He wanted to meet his daughter, but she runs away from him.

Soon “guests” came to them – Mitka, a friend of Kolyun, to whom he wrote his letters, and his “comrades”. The former drunkard lets them into the house, while asking them not to hurt the dog too much.

Soon the doctors find Kolyun completely drunk with delirium tremens. He is sent for treatment. After a while he returns to the house. He sees the ball he gave to his dog and cries. The door opens and a friend runs towards him.

The meaning of the movie “Friend”

Firstly, the whole film, as can be understood from the plot, is built on anti-alcohol morality. At that time, there were a lot of “twins” of Kolyuk, and the story of an allegedly fictional character could fit almost every Soviet man. The film carries the deepest semantic load, because it is based on the truth of the society of that time.

Secondly, continuing the first point, the film shows the fate of the man who was ruined by alcohol. Yes, on the surface lies an abandoned dream, the absence of a family, a ruined career, poverty. But if you dig deeper, the main message of this film is that alcohol leads to betrayal. This is the last point that a person experiences in such a situation – for the sake of alcohol, he is ready to betray the one who helped him, who believed in him and was the only Friend. As a result, betrayal led to the destruction of personality.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

The end of the film gives the audience goosebumps. What did the director show there? As it was said, his friend and his “acquaintances” come to Kolyun. They give the man five rubles and drive him to the store for alcohol. During his absence, they deal with the dog.

In the second episode, the orderlies find Kolyun drunk to the point of losing his memory. They want to take him away, but he resists, throwing chairs. Still, they take him away for treatment.

Then we are shown the moment where Kolyun has already left the hospital. The footage is in black and white. He walks through the empty streets to his house, where a mess awaits him – everything is like the last time. But Kolyun doesn’t care. He opens the window, looks around the apartment with a blank look, and suddenly notices a ball – his dog’s favorite toy. The man starts to sob. It looks like a dog is watching him. She sits silently, and then approaches her “master”, on which the film stopped.

What is the meaning of these shots?

As mentioned earlier, the film is a solid anti-alcohol agitator. He encourages men like Kolyun to stop drinking and do something useful. The second concept is friendship. The film shows friendship as the most important achievement of any person, the most important element of his life. In contrast to friendship, betrayal is shown.

The meaning of the film’s ending is that a person will be punished for betraying friendship. No, not physically, but mentally, mentally. Having betrayed his only true friend, Kolyun betrays himself, he sells his soul. That is why after that the world lost its colors for him, and the hero himself looked like a living dead.

Unlike Kolyun, the dog did not betray him. And when the main character suffers alone, the dog, being a true friend, allegedly comes to the owner to support him.

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