The meaning of the film “Fathers”

This series captivates with its interesting plot – it not only shows how strong a character and endurance a Russian citizen can have, but also how huge and strong a father’s love can be. He is called “Fathers”. And this name seems to emphasize all the height and unquestioning feelings of the father to his child.

In this series, a father’s love for his child is almost equal to a mother’s – it is shown as powerful and irresistible. The plot unfolds over twelve episodes and in the last episodes we see how fathers rescue their daughters from captivity in Libya. They do not feel sorry for any money, they are not even afraid of mortal danger – they are ready for anything, so long as their daughters remain safe and sound.

For some reason, some incomprehensible stereotype arose earlier that the father in the life of the child plays only the role of an ATM that dispenses money for needs, and the mother should be involved in raising and satisfying natural needs. In the modern world, there has been a revolution in views and a reassessment of values ​​- now the father plays the same important role in the upbringing of the child as the mother. Based on this, the characters of the series are trying to save their daughters from the hands of bandits who stole the girls in order to sell them to a brothel.

The main character could not find his daughter, and such an end to the series leaves a double aftertaste – at the very end, a picture flashed where an unknown girl appears. Most likely, this is his daughter Katya, and one can argue that soon, perhaps, the series will receive its continuation, in which father and daughter will be able to reunite again.

The series is very difficult to perceive – it is very full of emotions and experiences. Moreover, not only the viewer is worried, but also the main characters who are looking for their daughters in many countries, hoping to wrest them from the hands of the Islamists and save them from a bad future. Whatever the father, he will always worry about his child. He has a special connection with this little person, he knows how to communicate with him in a completely different way, not like his mother. Mom for a child is the personification of tenderness, care and boundless love, and dad is a symbol of courage, a sense of protection and reliability. These two components must always be together so that the child grows up as a full-fledged person who knows his own worth.

Parents become the first example that their child will inherit. Children very well absorb all the information that they perceive even from the earliest years, they sort out behavioral patterns, character traits, attitudes and worldviews and build their own lives on this foundation. Therefore, psychologists advise not to educate a child, not to grind a personality out of him, but to educate yourself. The child does not take an example from a neighbor or a teacher – from an early age he has close contact with his parents and it is they who are an example for him to follow.

Particularly noteworthy is the scene in which Oleg, the main character, remembers his daughter, because he could not find her. This is a heartbreaking moment that squeezes out a tear. The man is very sad, it is clear that it is hard for him to endure this pain. He does not understand whether his daughter is alive or dead, where she is now – she lives in peace or is being bullied now, having been sold into sexual slavery. It’s hard for any father to go through parting with his beloved daughter or son, but in this series, circumstances have developed. Oleg must survive this, calm the memories of Katya that raged in his soul and gather strength in himself to continue searching for his daughter. He believes that she is alive and that they will meet soon. This takes time and a lot of effort.

As you can see, a father is capable of much for the sake of the happiness of his children. He will not be afraid to come to a completely foreign country, to people of a different religion with a completely different worldview and not entirely righteous thoughts. Islamists want to use the bodies of girls for profit, to make money on them, but the father is the person who will save the child, even if he himself is in danger. This is the whole point of a parent – a protector, one who loves infinitely and will never betray in difficult times.

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