The meaning of the film “Daughter”

The crime drama “Daughter” unfolded in a small provincial town. A sincere friendship develops between the two girls. However, schoolgirls do not suspect what tests await them on the way. A maniac-killer is operating in the city. Will the heroes be able to figure out the criminal, and most importantly, forgive him? What is the true meaning of the film “Daughter”?

The meaning of the film “Daughter”

Throughout the film, the characters experience a whole range of emotions. They love, they hate, they envy, they sympathize. A small godforsaken town. A measured life was broken by a message about the appearance of a serial killer in the village. Maniac hunts for teenage girls. Many schoolgirls are in danger. But how to calculate the criminal? How not to fall into his trap?

The characters live ordinary lives. The meaning of the film “Daughter” is to show the audience the existence of a distant province. Everything is interesting in the film: what kind of people are talking, what excites them and what makes them happy, what they are afraid of, and what they sincerely expect. The film “Daughter” does not contain embellishment or deliberate denigration of the lives of ordinary people. Existence in the outback far from advanced technology has left its mark on the characters. But people didn’t get angry. Despite the hardships, hardships and losses, they did not become closed and secretive.

The meaning of the film “Daughter” is also to show the sincere friendship between the two girls. At first glance, the schoolgirls were too different. They had opposite views on life, their opinions on events and points of view did not coincide. However, teenage girls were able to build trusting relationships. Each of them could rely on the other in a difficult life situation. There was no dependency or rivalry between them. On the contrary, the heroines supported each other in everything and rejoiced at the success of each. Schoolgirls together bitterly experienced failures and falls.

There is also a love story in the film. The director managed to show the origin of sincere quivering feelings. The characters are still so young, and they already know the concept of “love”. That’s right, because tender feelings know no ages and boundaries. The characters showed that even existing in a small provincial town, one can find reasons for happiness.

The heroes did not complain about fate. They understood that the trials that fell to their lot needed to be overcome. Sometimes they had no one to ask for support and even advice, but they fought and believed in the best. The characters have not forgotten how to dream. Their hearts were filled with kindness, sincerity, compassion and readiness to help those in need at any moment. They aspired to a bright life. That is why they opened their souls to new achievements and goals.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Daughter”

Maniac killer. Death of a loved one. The meaning of the finale of the film “Daughter” is to show the audience how the characters again learn to live after an irreparable loss. The director touched upon deep philosophical themes: faith in God, the ability to sympathize and forgive, the acceptance of a difficult life situation. People are in difficult circumstances. It seems that their strength is already running out. But with every dawn they rise and again fight for their place under the sun.

The finale of the film “Daughter” cannot be watched with indifference and aloofness. Most viewers have tears in their eyes. This drama helped to realize not only the social inequality of people living in the provincial outback, but also the inner state of a person. It seems, what are the joys of the characters who have become hostages of circumstances? However, the inhabitants of the town do not even think of giving up. They firmly decided to fight not only with difficult conditions, but also with their despondency, apathy and injustice.

The characters are trapped. There are no prospects ahead. Behind the disappointment and bitterness of loss. They could just give up and do nothing else. However, their character, hardened by hard everyday life, will not allow them to withdraw into themselves and silently observe the changing conditions around them. They have already known defeat, inner emptiness and the absence of a reliable shoulder. Now the heroes have to learn to love again, compassion, forgiveness, accept people as they really are.

The sincere touching film “Daughter” is directed to the very heart of the viewer. We cannot remain indifferent to the tragedy unfolding on the screen. That is what makes us human. If we have not yet forgotten how to sympathize and empathize, then we have hope for a happy future. Just don’t wait for tomorrow. You need to start now.

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