The meaning of the film “Dark Mirror” 2018

The Dark Mirror is a thriller, a drama, not without elements of a horror film. The film was released in 2018 and did not become particularly popular. In film ratings, his rating ranges from 6.5 in the world (which is an average-good result) to 5 in Russian ratings (this is already a rather low rating, which is usually given to primitive horror films and not funny comedies with a hackneyed plot). Rather, the world assessment is more fair, because the film really turned out to be exciting, deeply psychological, beautifully and efficiently filmed, and it is separated from very high ratings only by the fact that the plot is not new, not original, this has already been shot many times (for example, a film with exactly the same the same name and a similar plot of 1946), and the motif of the evil double has completely set the teeth on edge since school (Pushkin’s Mozart and Salieri, Yesenin’s Black Man). To understand the meaning of the film “dark mirror” let’s turn to the plot.

What is the movie “Dark Mirror” about?

The plot is based on the life of a typical teenage girl of not the most outstanding data. Maria goes to high school. She is quite attractive, not stupid, but not as confident as possible, which negates even her strengths. She has no friends at school, except for her friend Lily, a rather lively and popular girl. But even there there is no deep devoted friendship, rather Maria is the background against which Lily looks even more attractive. In addition to loneliness, the girl also suffers from bullying. Her extremely victimized behavior directly provokes aggression from people of a suitable mindset (or lack of it). Upon learning that Maria is in love with her boyfriend (which she usually did not show in any way), Lily breaks off their friendship. Mary is completely alone.

An important plot component that explains the behavior of the heroine and the features of her character is the life of her family. The mother is mentally unhealthy, she almost constantly experiences depressive states and, as a result, apathy and indifference to everything, including her own daughter. Father is a plastic surgeon. He definitely has an unhealthy fixation on the topic of external ideality, he puts pressure on the “imperfect” daughter. So, in an atmosphere of lack of love and attention, under the influence of her father, forming complexes, Maria becomes what she is. A notorious and lonely teenager who, in general, does not even have a single reason to be complex.What is the movie "Dark Mirror" about?

The girl starts talking to the reflection in order to talk to at least someone. One day, Maria looks in the mirror for a long time and at some point realizes that it is not she who is looking at her from it. This is her appearance, but the features are definitely a different character. The girl from the reflection of Ayram (it is clear that in the original language, it was read as a mirror image of the name “Maria”) is more decisive, independent, even impudent. She maintains at least some strength in Mary. A quarrel with a single girlfriend becomes an extreme point. Maria no longer has the strength and she and Airam decide to switch places. Airam, having entered the real world, solves Maria’s problems with radical methods: he shows cruelty, and sometimes simply kills. Airam learns that there were two babies in the mother’s womb, but the stronger fetus swallowed the less viable one (this really happens, this is not an element of fantasy). The apogee of the “dark twin” is the murder of a cruel father. After that, Airam does not find Maria in the reflection and, paradoxically, continues to live, but already a happy life with her mother who has come to her senses. Such is the strange morality.

What is the meaning of the Dark Mirror movie?

The meaning can be viewed from two points of view, which differ only in how Airam is perceived: as a real dark twin that did not completely dissolve when absorbed by another fetus and influences thoughts and actions, or as a subconscious dark “I” of a girl whose psyche was seriously affected from parents and peers.

Consider the first option, suppose that Ayram is a real-life person, by chance locked with Mary in the same body. The mirror becomes a way of communication for the “twins”, since there is simply no alternative. What speaks in favor of this explanation? Firstly, Airam comes when Mary’s physical strength is running out, her consciousness is weakened. This is the perfect time for something that has always lived only in the subconscious, that is, the identity of the twin, to come out. Secondly, and this is the most convincing argument, Airam does not have hostile feelings towards Mary, she comes into the world to help her. And Maria, going “into the mirror”, into the subconscious, does not feel robbed, nothing was taken from her. Maria and Airam behave as if they are sharing what a priori belongs to both of them. The body for the sisters is like a common car. They “drive” at the same time, but only one “drives”. Why can’t Maria do anything to Airam when she kills? Yes, because Airam is sure that at the moment she is helping Maria, and her sister’s resistance is just another manifestation of weakness. Airam protects the weaker Mary in the way he sees fit to protect.

Then the ending, in which Airam does not see Maria in the reflection, will mean that Maria simply goes into the subconscious, not agreeing with how her sister achieves her. They simply switch places until survival requires not the aggressive Airam, but the empathic and sensitive Maria.

The second interpretation is less straightforward, but more plausible. There was no twin sister, that is, there was, but, as is the case with the absorption of one fetus by another, nothing was left of her even in the womb. She was not viable. This information is given to the viewer to confuse a little. In fact, Maria, being a psychologically vulnerable person, after a strong emotional shock, simply goes crazy, invents an alternative personality. The alternate personality is cruel, but more adapted to life. Maria separates her from herself as someone else like Airam, but the ending makes it clear that the second girl was never outside of Maria’s mind. Separating Airam from herself, she simply justified her own cruelty.

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