The meaning of the film City Zero 1988

The Soviet film by the legendary Karen Shakhnazarov “City Zero” appeared in 1988. Initially, the film was a comedy of the absurd. But during the filming, according to the director himself, a deeper meaning was laid in the film.

What is City Zero about?

The hero is a Moscow engineer of the highest class. Alexei Varakin went on a business trip to a small town. It is here that the plant is located, which has been supplying the necessary products to Moscow for 15 years. Aleksey has to settle a few questions regarding additional parts for air conditioners. This is a complex and highly technological process.

The hero, in order to enter the factory, ordered a pass. However, he was not at the checkpoint by the specified time. It was very strange and ridiculous. Further, various absurdities increased. The naked secretary of the director did not raise any questions from the workers. Moreover, for all it was the norm of behavior. The chief engineer died 8 months ago. The secretary said: “I drowned myself.” However, the director was not aware of this.

Alexei went to a local restaurant. But there were no visitors. In splendid isolation, Varakin made an order. Alexei was offered a very strange gift from the chef – a cake in the form of his head. The hero was outraged by such a ridiculous offer that he immediately refused it. The waiter did his best to convince him to accept the gift, hinting that the cook would certainly be offended and take his own life. But Varakin was adamant. The cook still kept his promise and shot himself.

At the station there are no tickets for any direction, the roads lead nowhere. Varakin asks the taxi driver to take him to the railway station. But instead, he ended up in a semi-abandoned village. For some reason, there was a local history museum in it. The caretaker of the local landmark shows Alexei an incredible display of amazing details. It was a mixture of different eras and nations.

The hero asked for a lodging for the night with a local electrician. The worker had a small son. Misha told Alexei strange and frightening information: firstly, the engineer would never leave this place, secondly, he accurately named his main data, predicted the date of death, thirdly, he listed the names of his daughters who would install a gravestone for him at the local cemetery.

But the absurd events did not end there. For Varakin, everything around him seemed complete nonsense. However, the locals did not think so. Gradually, Alexei got used to the irrational course of action.

The meaning of the movie “City Zero”

Dramatically changing, strange 90s. A time of uncertainty that both frightened and fascinated. What will happen next? Probably all residents asked this question. The 1990s are a turning point, a time of change. Destruction of the old, ridicule of generally accepted foundations. Everything new was too shaky.

A film about what awaits the country in this difficult time. What is right? Why is there a change in values ​​and priorities? Why does something that was previously considered the only true cause a smile now? The range of issues that are addressed in the film is quite wide. The absurdity of the totalitarian system, the irony about the Soviet population, absurd thoughts about the future. In this difficult time for the country, many hoped to leave it in search of a better life.

Strange events, routine in the actions of people. The hero just wants to shout to them: “You are blind! Why don’t you notice absurd things?!” However, few people will hear and understand him.

Many critics agree that City Zero is a film that shows the hard-hitting side of perestroika. Meaningless pictures, absurd situations, strange images add up to one three-dimensional drawing, which clearly demonstrates the problems and values ​​of that difficult time. In the face of the protagonist, the director shows the mood, views, thoughts of the whole people. Once in a non-standard and even ridiculous situation, Alexey experiences a real shock. But over time, even the most stupid and awkward things become commonplace, which the common man takes for granted.

They even try to impose a new name on the hero – Mahmud. He initially vehemently denies all attempts by humans to address him in this way. But a little time has passed and he is already delivering a farewell speech to his father at a memorable evening on behalf of Mahmud, his son.

As director Karen Shakhnazarov himself said, this film is about the fact that “our past is unknowable, as it is constantly mystified.”

The meaning of the finale of the film “City Zero”

Deeply intellectual, captivating, City Zero has no clue. This is a charade that each viewer interprets in their own way. At the end of the film, the hero tried to sail away on a boat in which there were no oars. Man found himself in a frightening, rapidly changing and illogical world. The new reality was more like a nightmare. But where to run? Where is the way out of this absurd situation?

Aleksey did not manage to “settle down” the issue with the production process. Who started this unspeakable nightmare? Who manipulates the minds of ordinary people? These questions remain unanswered. The madness of views on reality is frightening and makes everyone think about their own lives.

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