The meaning of the film “Carnival”

The Soviet two-part film “Carnival” was a breath of fresh air for many viewers in 1981. Director Tatyana Lioznova told a touching sincere story of a provincial girl. Nina Solomatina has a dream. Realizing that there is practically no chance of her fulfillment, the girl defies fate. Will Nina manage to cope with all the hardships and hardships? Can a girl from a small town make her deepest wish come true? Let’s try to figure out what the true meaning of the director was in the film “Carnival”.

The meaning of the film “Carnival”

The heroine of the musical film is a simple girl from a small provincial town. Nina Solomatina has a dream. She really wants to “learn to be an artist.” The girl managed to escape to the capital. The heroine is sure that she caught the bird of happiness by the tail. Now, for sure, all paths and roads are open to her. The provincial girl looked at the world through rose-colored glasses. However, the reality turned out to be harsher than she imagined.

The girl’s romantic notions of a carefree existence collapsed like a house of cards. To make her dream come true, Nina, step by step, endures the problems that have fallen on her fragile shoulders. The meaning of the film “Carnival” is to show by a good example that life is not a continuous holiday. You can’t always have your head in the clouds without thinking about tomorrow.

The film “Carnival” shows the true values ​​that really need to be fought for. The heroine throughout the film revised not only her attitude to life, but also to people. Initially, she perceived those around her as joyful, ready to help at any moment. But some characters with their actions, words, attitude proved the opposite. The meaning of the film “Carnival” is to teach viewers to distinguish really important valuable things from a waste of time and their mental strength.

The acting in the film “Carnival” does not even want to be discussed. All characters are in their place. They play just amazing. The viewer involuntarily begins to empathize with the young naive Nina, who has such a huge childhood dream. But what can be difficult in the work of an artist? So thought the provincial girl. But it turned out that no one was waiting for her in the capital. She also did not meet the prince on a white horse. Only the girl despaired of such an outcome? Nina is not a victim of the film. For herself, she made the main conclusions that will definitely help her in later life.

The film “Carnival” is about the fact that in any difficult situation you need to rely primarily on yourself and your strengths. Others may turn away, and you will be left with yourself. A hard day, injustice, a protracted black streak is not the end of life. This is an opportunity to reconsider your goals and ideals, stop, look around. The main thing is to understand who should continue to continue their path next to you, and who is no longer on the path. But never stop moving.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Carnival”

The film “Carnival” is not a comedy. The director does not try to ridicule Nina Solomatina for her excessive sincerity, gullibility, and openness. The film “Carnival” is the story of a provincial girl that resembles a real drama. After watching the film, each viewer has a peculiar aftertaste. The meaning of the finale of the film “Carnival” is for a person to realize the significance of his life. You should never allow someone to make you doubt the correctness of your choice. A person must have a firm position in life. You can ask for advice from loved ones, be interested in the opinions of others. But the decisive word should always be yours.

The film “Carnival” opened the eyes of naive and gullible people to the harsh truth of life. Everyone has problems and difficulties. You need to learn how to respond correctly to all the hardships of fate and steadfastly endure misunderstandings. The girl realized for herself that she does not have to please everyone. The main thing is not to commit vile deeds, not to deceive and not to betray.

The ending of the film “Carnival” showed that in life sometimes things don’t happen the way we would like. Some of our dreams are still dreams. However, this does not mean at all that we do not know how to wish and set the right goals. You just need to come to terms with the fact that even our strongest desire can sometimes not be enough. Then it is necessary to accept the circumstances that have fallen with a calm heart and move forward with confident steps along your life path.

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