The meaning of the film Afonya 1975

The feature film by G. Danelia “Afonya” was filmed in 1975. It was the period of the “golden seventies”, the time of the “heyday of stagnation”, the time when the people had everything and nothing. The realm of scarcity. An ordinary hat on a new acquaintance, brought by his wife from Riga, becomes an object that classifies you as the elite. He put it on his head – and now you are no longer just a plumber, but almost a party functionary. Years pass, and the era of stagnation is long over, completely different times have come, and the film does not age … So, there is something in it that catches the current “digitized” viewer. It would seem that they looked, and forgot. But no.

What and what is the meaning of the film Afonya

The protagonist of the story is Afanasy Borshchov, an ordinary Soviet worker aged 34. And his biography is ordinary. Originally from a village, brought up by an aunt, served, graduated from a vocational school, works as a plumber. The apartment is separate, freedom … Work during the day, drink in the evening, dance on Saturdays … It would seem that life is beautiful. What else does a person need? But a person dangles through life, like the fish that the fishermen forgot to get from the nets and left in the hole. It swings until it rots. Athanasius does not bother much with moral problems.

I got into a fight at the dance – nothing. A woman got nasty – little things. Turned on the fool, pretended that you had a scarce imported gasket in your suitcase – and already earned extra money. Either a dunce, or a swindler – you will not immediately understand. If the role of Afonya was played by another artist, then the viewer would regard him as a bastard and a scoundrel. And the performer painted this role with good-natured colors. He has Afanasy Borshchov – a charming swindler who lives only for himself. A classic is a classic. At different age periods, the viewer thinks about different problems shown in the picture. When you watch a movie when you are young, you pay attention to the comic episodes: “Relative! Afonya owes me a ruble! or “This is an energetic dance! “.

You become a little older – you notice something else: “And they imposed interns on me! “. But in adulthood, you see and hear the main thing: “So it doesn’t matter where to fly, citizen?” At the beginning of the film, Athanasius is surrounded by degraded characters – Fedul with a drinking buddy, Soviet outcasts. Life is boring for comrades. And Athos is bored. One entertainment – vodka. I drank – it seems more fun. Where can I get money for a bottle? It is this philosophical question that becomes fundamental for these individuals. It would seem that our Athos was lost. Runs, but does not know where. Running in a circle. You think: “Why this film? What have we not seen drunkards? “.

At the beginning of the film, the future of Afonya is seen clearly – Fedula will follow the path. Because he is not interested in living by the rules, he wants to change something, but he does not know how. There is nowhere for the Russian soul to turn around. Only vodka bought with “left” money, and going to restaurants help. But unexpectedly, a certain Nikolai comes into the life of Afonya, who has a family and children, in which the meaning of his life. With the advent of Nicholas comes the hope that Afonya will have a vital support. Because he’s not completely lost. Magarych received – he fed the trainees with lunch. And how much he wants to raise his own significance: “And they imposed interns on me! »He would be completely useless – he would treat the opinions of others with complete indifference. However, he doesn’t care.

And all of a sudden, everything starts to change. Our hero gets a strong impetus to think about his life when he falls in love. He is a village guy, and the dream of happiness appears to him as a family idyll in a village hut. Not going well at work, the team branded and condemned. The boss comes in with a sentimental conversation. At the same time, Katya, the nurse, sticks with her obsessive love. It seems that glimpses of something similar to conscience begin to wake up in the soul of the hero. And everything is completely turned upside down after looking at the boarded-up father’s house and reading letters to the aunt from himself. This is the climax of the film.

No, this is not yet the acquisition of life support. This is a punch in the gut. The blow that is dealt to him not by circumstances, but by his attitude to his own existence. It is on the night spent in his native hut that “Humpbacked Horse” understands that childhood is over. It’s time to become a man. And not Athos, but Athanasius.

The meaning of the finale of the film Afonya

The finale of the film is an analogy with a knight at a crossroads. What’s ahead? You lived for your pleasure, but you were condemned. Confusion, depression in the eyes. It would seem that the director could have ended on this. Let the viewer decide for himself the ending. And suddenly: “Athanasius, someone called me. I thought it was you.” For some, this ending will seem banal, but for others – natural. But after all, only female energy can clear resentment and give confidence.

The meaning of the film Afonya is to show love as the main creative and cleansing force. The meaning of the film is that only one thing can help lost souls, “heroes of our time” – love. And although no one knows how the fate of the enthusiastic and pure Katya and Athanasius will turn out, the finale gives the viewer hope that Afonya will no longer sail through life like a shuttle with the flow, that the hero’s dream of family life in the village will come true. And everyone will be happy. The meaning of the film is that each of us must first of all find himself and become useful to others.

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