The meaning of the cult Soviet film “Mimino”

The film “Mimino” directed by Georgy Danelia was released on the screens of the country in 1977. The creators of the picture defined its genre as a comedy, but all this is not so clear. There are too many serious, sad and touching scenes for a comedy film. What is the meaning of the famous tape, which experts and viewers have not ceased to admire for more than four decades?

The creators of the film, its actors managed to show the life of ordinary Soviet people in their natural form, without any embellishment, paying attention to blat, scarcity, bureaucracy, the great power of the necessary acquaintances. The main character is pilot Valiko, an employee of local airlines, who in his heart dreams of big aviation, of flying abroad. But he is forced to stay in his homeland, where his small family lives – an old grandfather and a sister with a nephew. There is also a girl, teacher Lali, who secretly sighs about the handsome pilot.

Valiko is needed in his small homeland, he is engaged in an important business, transporting fellow countrymen, here everyone knows, loves and waits for him. But his work seems to him somehow frivolous, insignificant, it is very ordinary and familiar. And fellow countrymen, sometimes so annoying with their requests, nevertheless, can always count on this person. He will help, he is a real man who will find a way out of the most difficult situation.

Here it is worth recalling the episode about the flying cow, which he transports at the request of an old countrywoman. Mimino knows perfectly well that he is taking risks, violates the instructions, but still does it. Why? Out of pity for the old woman, out of respect for her, out of love for fellow countrymen. No wonder the pilot was nicknamed Mimino (Falcon), he is a male protector, male assistant, living according to the laws of his ancestors, according to the laws of the mountains.

From the outside, it seems that Mimino is happy, he lives in harmony with those around him, everyone loves and respects him. However, the meeting with the blonde stewardess Larisa turned his whole life upside down. The man decided to fulfill his old dreams of big aviation. To do this, he needs to visit Moscow for an internship. Parting with relatives is one of the saddest scenes in this film.

The separation from his uncle hit little Varlaam especially hard. In desperation, the boy runs after the helicopter, knowing full well that it is Valiko who makes his life so full and eventful. The boy agrees to everything, refuses even Zeiss binoculars, a priceless gift, if only his uncle would stay with them.

After a measured life in the homeland of the hero, noisy Moscow awaits. Rather, she does not expect him at all, he could only check into a hotel through acquaintances, as was the custom in Soviet times. In the capital, simple and straightforward Mimino will experience many adventures. Instead of the desired meeting with the beautiful Larisa, fruitless negotiations await him with her younger sister, a lover of cruel practical jokes.

Of all the unpleasant, conflict situations, Valiko manages to get out with honor. Despite some disagreements that arose between the roommates at the very beginning, the young man managed to acquire a true friend. Armenian Ruben Khachikyan highly values ​​friendship, for a comrade he is ready to do anything – to sell a scarce wheel if he has no money, to find perjurers when a friend needs protection, to lie to a judge if circumstances so require.

It seems that it is in Moscow that the Universe is in a hurry to reward Valiko for all his good deeds. In the capital, the impulsive Mimino quite unexpectedly meets an old enemy, the offender of his sister, who is the father of Varlaam. Breaking into Nugzar Papishvili’s apartment, the pilot accidentally breaks an inexpensive chandelier there. The cunning, dodgy Papishvili settles scores with Mimino in full accordance with the level of his spiritual development.

The pilot faces a long term for beating Papishvili, which he did not commit, for the destruction of expensive property. At the same time, Valiko is not going to defend himself at all, he is not ready to publicly testify that discredit his family. And only high professionalism, rare perseverance of a very young girl-lawyer helped the Georgian Falcon to avoid a prison term.

After that, another happy meeting awaits him, with a front-line comrade of his father who died in the war. This man’s name is Ivan Volokhov. The former tanker was mistaken, Valiko is only the namesake of his friend, but this did not prevent the front-line soldier from warming feelings for the young Georgian, to help the pilot in the fight against bureaucracy.

After some time, all the troubles of the Georgian Falcon were resolved in the most magical way. His dream came true, he became a large aviation pilot, traveled abroad, and even managed to meet Larisa. But Valiko does not feel happy, he yearns so much for his native places, for his family, that he even stops singing. Then Mimino makes the only right choice – he returns home, to the mountains, where he is loved and expected, where he is considered the most necessary and irreplaceable.

This film is about finding your place in life. Mimino, who carefully listened to his heart, managed to find such a place. That is why the viewer sees before him an absolutely happy person, living in harmony with nature and others, a person who wants to imitate.

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