The meaning of Mikhail Segal’s film “Deeper” (2020)

Mikhail Segal showed the new film “Deeper” in October 2020 and won the attention of Russian viewers. A melodrama with a comedic mood has earned a lot of positive and neutral reviews from moviegoers. They really liked the work of Alexander Pal, acting and keeps the whole film. The director immediately stated that there were no explicit scenes in the film relating to the pornographic industry. Despite the frank title and the combination of an interesting “adult” plot with it, the film turned out to be quite interesting and easy to understand. It is suitable for viewing with the whole family – there really is nothing in the film that would make anyone feel embarrassed. This is a light comedy, despite the “16+” mark.

Theater director Roman Petrovich was left without work, because he was very picky about the work of theatergoers and because of this he missed the deadline for the release of one of the important performances. He had the opportunity to earn extra money, but for this he needs to replace his friend, a film director, and shoot a porn video.

When shooting a film, Roman Petrovich treats this work as responsibly as possible. Because of this, the movie collects a lot of praise and gains a large number of fans – the director really forced the actors to play. Lera and Timur were forced to do everything as plausibly as possible, and thanks to this, Roman Petrovich received an offer to work on an ongoing basis with an underground porn studio. In the process of work, the director achieves excellent results, making excellent videos – his popularity is growing, and the owner of the porn studio receives huge incomes.

The popularity of the young director did not leave him without the attention of the President himself. He invites Roman Petrovich to become a director on one of the main channels of the country, because there the TV presenter loses his ratings and cannot interest his viewers. Roman copes with this problem too – the ratings are growing, and Volodya changes the style of presenting information and attracts the attention of viewers. Roman is already in charge of the Main Theater and regrets having to leave the porn industry. He puts on a play on the stage of the theater, the premiere of which is attended by the Head of the country. Timur and Lera appear on the stage, thanks to whom Roman Petrovich was able to become a famous actor in successful pornographic films and videos.

What is the meaning of this seemingly uncomplicated film, from which it exudes humor and good mood. This film is about talent, an unsurpassed ability to do your job well. Roman Petrovich, after his dismissal, took up not the highest quality product, but his ability and desire to do the job at the highest possible level is bearing fruit. Ordinary porn movies, whose plot and often fake acting are more than predictable, make this a cinematic masterpiece. This indicates that a masterpiece can be made from the most low-quality material, if there is talent and desire for this.

What is talent? They are not born with it – the most famous, for example, artists or musicians, were not born immediately with a brush or with a bow in their hands. They have been honing their skills over the years, learning, extracting new information in order to improve and become the best version of themselves. A huge value in this process of “polishing” talent is the desire to get new information, study, spend your time and energy on improving in your favorite business. Not the last role here is played by a person’s view of the world, his system of values ​​and principles.

The finale of the film speaks eloquently of the fact that a huge talent and worldwide recognition of talent begins with a small one. Thanks to Lera and Timur, Roman Petrovich became famous – he made them really play on camera, not fake and do their job efficiently. They were his first actors in a new genre for him – he did not know how to work with such specific material, but he used classical techniques with which you can achieve an excellent result.

This is not just another comedy with a bawdy fictional plot, it is an occasion to think that any goal can be achieved with some effort and time.

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