The meaning of Bondarchuk’s film – Invasion 2020

The Russian science fiction film “Invasion” is a real high-level blockbuster. Fyodor Bondarchuk made a film filled with bright special effects. An interesting exciting plot, brilliant acting, a spectacular picture turned the film “Invasion” into a high-quality product of domestic cinema. This tape looks in one breath. What is the deep meaning of the film “Invasion”? What main idea of ​​the film did Fyodor Bondarchuk try to convey to the audience?

What is Invasion (2020) about?

The film “Invasion” is a continuation of the first part of the motion picture. Two years have passed since the previous events. Julia began to notice the manifestation of strange abilities in herself. The heroine manages to control the flow of water. Student Julia not only attends classes at the university, but also visits the secret laboratory of the Ministry of Defense. The girl became an object for unusual research.

Military scientists test Hakon’s exoskeleton, which he left behind when he left the planet. Researchers are trying to create an analogue for the army on its basis. Valentin Lebedev – the girl’s father – is trying to help Yulia escape. However, the heroine refuses to participate in this. The girl is determined to fight to the end.

Conducting another experiment. Julia lies in the pool. Scientists notice that the direction of water flow depends on the girl’s emotions. To test their guesses, the researchers go to the extreme. From places of deprivation of liberty, the former lover of the girl, Artem, is brought. At the sight of the hero, Julia becomes furious. Now the pool is more like a geyser. The equipment is out of control. Lebedev decided to stop the experiment immediately. Julia takes a day off. However, she is being monitored by Lieutenant General Vanya’s henchmen. In a bar, Julia and her watcher have an unexpected meeting with Haecon. Now further events will not develop at all according to the plan of military scientists.

The meaning of the movie “Invasion” (2020)

The film “Invasion” reveals the full range of human feelings. A modern bright film tells not only about emotions, thoughts, experiences. The director also managed to show the power of the latest technology.

The meaning of the film “Invasion” is for the viewer to see how firmly the Internet and television have entered our lives. Artificial intelligence has taken over all electronic devices and sends synthesized messages to residents. People willingly believe whatever they are told. They no longer imagine their existence without electrode devices. If a modern person is deprived of the Internet for at least a day, he will panic.

A life film that reveals the negative aspects of digital technology. Devices designed to make life easier for people take away all their free time. It is curious to observe a society that has practically forgotten how to live a real life, preferring the virtual world to it. People consult the Internet before making any decision. Perhaps, with the help of his work, the director wanted to remind the audience that our reality is much more interesting than the virtual world. We need to enjoy every new day, notice the beauty in nature that surrounds us.

Filled with special effects, the film “Invasion” reminds everyone of the power of human feelings. Despite digital technologies, the development of numerous robots, the creation of artificial intelligence, people have not forgotten how to dream, believe, love, feel, and hope. Heroes empathize with each other, they learn to forgive and sympathize. United by a common goal, the characters are ready to do anything to save their planet. This film is not only about the invasion of an enemy spaceship with artificial intelligence. This film reveals the problems of modern society, which spends every day buried in the phone.

Before it is too late, it is necessary to minimize the impact of the Internet on people’s lives. The film “Invasion” makes the audience look at themselves from the outside. Behind a spectacular bright picture, bright special effects hides the life of each of us. This film must be watched by everyone who cannot imagine their existence without the Internet. Think about whether digital technologies really play the most important role in our life?! Each viewer will answer this question for himself and draw the right conclusions.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Invasion” (2020)

Good conquers evil. Artificial intelligence failed to enslave people. Living mind was stronger. The meaning of the final film “Invasion” is revealed in the last scenes. The city is completely submerged under water. Mankind is powerless before the natural elements. Scientists can create incredible devices, researchers can conduct experiments that have no analogues. Even artificial intelligence already exists. However, do not forget about the power of nature itself and the inner strength of man.

Julia and Hakon stayed together. Despite the misunderstanding on the part of others, discussing views, social difference, an alien and an earthly girl were able to create a happy couple. They decided to build their family nest away from prying eyes. The heroes went through incredible trials, unexpected dangers lay in wait for them at every step. However, they were able to keep their feelings despite everything.

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