The Meaning of Alexander Payne’s In Brief

The film In Brief, directed by American director Alexander Payne, shows the viewer a unique plot that few people have used before in cinema. Payne himself is a Hollywood darling who has won two Oscars for his previous films. His tapes are full of original black humor and an autopsy of all the vices of modern American society.

What is the movie “Short” about?

Scientists in Norway have created the latest development, thanks to which people can be physically reduced a thousand times to a size of 12 cm. As an accompaniment to this technology, a special city for small people, Kayfaville, has been created, where you do not need to work anymore and you can only enjoy life.

And your money in the world of big people, when moving to a small world, turns into millions of dollars, because even the weight of your usual wedding gold ring from the city of big people here turns into a huge fortune! And most importantly, such a development will save the world from overpopulation and global environmental pollution, because what kind of pollution can there be from a little man the size of a couple of matchboxes?

Alexander Payne was so carried away by the fantastic idea of ​​​​the film that he acted in this tape at the same time as a director, screenwriter and producer. The film was nominated for the main award of the Venice Film Festival “Golden Lion”. The very fantastic idea of ​​​​this picture looks very funny, because every viewer can hardly try it on.

Explanation of the meaning of the film “In Short”

The catastrophic problems of mankind

In the film, the director is trying to attract viewers to understand the global problems of all mankind. The main problem here is overpopulation and pollution of the entire globe. The author puts forward his own, albeit very fantastic, version of how these important issues can be resolved. However, we all know and understand that everything shown in the film will forever remain at the level of science fiction and cinema, and it is unlikely that scientists will ever invent something like this.

Fear of the unknown

Another interesting moment is touched upon by the director, offering his characters a choice – should they shrink or not. People are always afraid of the unknown, and even more so of the irrevocable and final reincarnation, because the scientists in the film tell us that there will be no turning back. This phobia is very well played up on the example of the protagonist’s wife, who at the last moment of preparation refused to decrease and remained to live in her ordinary life.

The future looks very tempting for the Shrinkers, and many of them agreed to remake only thanks to the promised luxurious mansions and carefree life. But many of them still do not fully understand that in their other life the same problems await everyone as in the life of big people: smuggling of goods, difficulties in communication, finding loved ones and friends. Finding a loved one here is even more difficult than in the world of big people, because the world of the diminished people themselves is rather small.

Social strata

And there is no getting away from the social problem, which in the film the authors made no less important than overpopulation and dirt – this is a radically different standard of living for different social strata: the rich bathe in luxury, live in chic houses surrounded by gold and servants, the poor cannot find a piece of bread just to eat.

This topic has been repeatedly played up in cinema and, perhaps, is the main theme of many films. But the poor people’s settlement shown in the film, which serve Cayfaville, still bears a rather original character. As well as the very structure in which they have to live. Many of the characters in the film also do not want to become small. In addition, they are very wary of the “diminishers”, which gives rise to new social strata: large and small.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The director puts on a separate level the transformation of the inner cores of our protagonist and the complete change in his life values ​​as a demonstration of the main idea of ​​the film.

And if one person can change his worldview, become kinder and more understanding to those people who are significantly lower on the social ladder, then not everything is lost for humanity itself. If each of us shows understanding to other people who may need our support and care, then society itself will become more sensitive, kind, understanding and conscious.

Social strata will not become so sharply separated from each other, and people will be able to coexist together despite all differences, race, religion and status. The improvement of the financial situation did not make our hero happy, but he finds harmony in life only thanks to unexpected love and help to people who need it.

Alexander Payne plays off the biblical version of Noah’s Ark as the characters in his film try to escape a global catastrophe in a bunker. But avoiding the problem will not be a saving straw for humanity, for this you need not to decrease in size. You just need to moderate your appetites and ambitions, stop destroying the environment and try to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

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