The meaning and explanation of the ending of the series “Method-2”

Method-2 is an excellent Russian television series. It was first presented to the audience in the fall of 2015, the premiere took place on Channel One. He instantly fell in love with the audience, because his plot is rather unusual, and the genre is catchy – this is a detective-psychological thriller, and few people can take their eyes off well-filmed and thought-out thrillers. The main roles in the series are played by not-so-famous actors: People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Konstantin Khabensky and the talented Paulina Andreeva.

Let’s try to understand why the series hooked the audience so much, and also consider the ending of the second season, which was released in late 2020-early 2021.

The plot of the series “Method-2”

The plot of the series is centered around an investigator named Rodion Meglin, who is very respected in his circles due to his enormous experience and brilliant ability to investigate cases, as well as around a graduate of the law faculty – Yesenia Steklova. Rodion is a rather unusual and mysterious person, he does not open up to anyone and does not like secular talk, and no one understands the secret of the success and speed of investigating his cases.

Yesenia once receives a referral to the investigative committee. By the will of fate, it happens that it is that Meglin who works there, and the girl is appointed as his trainee. Yesenia is extremely happy about this and even admires the work of the mysterious investigator, but later working with him turns out to be not so easy. However, Steklova also has a personal motive for working with such an experienced person: her mother died some time ago under unclear circumstances. The father is probably aware of all this, but does not want to talk about this sad event. But the daughter still believes that she can find the killers and condemn him according to all the rules and regulations, so that justice will prevail.

The relationship between Rodion Meglin and Yesenia Steklova cannot be called simple. In the third series, the girl gets acquainted with her boss’s acquaintances, and they seemed to her as strange and incomprehensible personalities as Rodion himself, and in the next series, when Yesenia thinks that the internship has already been completed, but after the arrest of the criminals, Meglin begins to speak rudely with girl and kicks her out. However, later the watching series can see a positive trend: Meglin helps Yesenia with a personal assignment, arranging for her a meeting with the arms dealer who killed her mother, and the man does not agree to the father’s request to fire his daughter. A fleeting passion flashed before them even once, but everything turns out to be much more complicated …

The meaning of the ending “Method-2”

At the moment, the series is not finished yet, it has released eight episodes of the second season (that is, Method-2). But it is already possible to sum up a lot and understand some points.

As those viewers who saw the first season know, Meglin was killed, but in the second season we see him miraculously escaped. Yesenia already thought that all the horrors of working as an investigator were over, but a year later she returned again and plunged into the investigation of cases.

The main mystery is the mysterious man who committed a series of murders. His name is designated as TMNP (stands for “You won’t catch me.” Meanwhile, Rodion Meglin amazes everyone with his behavior, and the city authorities are sure that they were specially sent to the mentally ill. However, even in this state, he is trying to somehow accompany the development of the case, but not entirely successful. TMNP kills Yesenia’s father, and all suspicions fall on the assumption that Meglin is behind it all. Rodion is hiding. He declares to Steklova that he did not kill her parents, but it is not known whether he can be trusted …

Thus, it becomes clear that Meglin may be the killer around whom the entire plot of the series revolves. But nothing can be said for sure about this.

On this note, the eighth episode of the second season ended, but the season has not yet been completed. It will be released in mid-January 2021.

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