The hidden meaning of the film by Bodrov Jr. “Sisters”

The film about the rapprochement of two sisters was shot by Sergei Bodrov Jr. The work was awarded the Grand Prix for the best start to a director’s career, and the judges also noted the wonderful joint play of the actresses in a duet. It was the only film shot by Bodrov. He appeared on the screens in 2001 after the premiere at the Kinotavr film festival.

He tells about two sisters who did not find a common language. Dina is the youngest, she is eight years old, she wants to play in the theater or cinema, she knows how to play the violin. Svetlana is thirteen, she knows how to shoot and would like to go to Chechnya in the future to become a sniper there. Dina’s father returns from prison, but his cellmates accuse him of a theft he did not commit and threaten to steal his daughter. He is forced to save both girls from reprisal. Now they get acquainted with the brutal and cruel laws of this life – they are forced to run away wherever they look, leaving friends and relatives. In just a few days, they come close to each other, which they could not do for many years and understand that together they are a force. Realizing how cruel life is, they accept each other and understand that there is no dearer person than a sister.

This heartfelt story is taken from the stories of Father Bodrov about two Kazakh girls who had to go through a similar experience in their lives. The young director somehow remembered her and two weeks later already had a ready-written script for the movie in his hands.

This is a crime drama that tells not, as usual, about the rich life of criminal authorities, but about the other side of the society of that time – about ordinary people, children who need to adapt and survive in the current situation. Existence in the atmosphere of the 90s greatly tempered the character of the people of that time, so the end of the last century changed the lives of many people. Children whose childhood fell on those times grew up with the conviction that everything in this world is decided only by your status in society, the presence of connections and money. The generation of the 90s changed the process of development of society as a whole.

The director wanted to show that there is nothing more important and valuable than a family in this world. All the cruelty, injustice and selfishness of life is nothing compared to the love of loved ones. Sveta and Dina are radically different, one is romantic and tender, the other is serious and self-confident. Such opposites, it would seem, will not be able to find a common language, although, as you know, opposites attract. The sisters do not perceive each other, but after going through many trials in just a few days, they draw closer and begin to appreciate the presence in the life of their own sister. Together they will become several years older, because, due to their young age and not yet formed psyche, they cannot yet adequately perceive everything that happens to them.

As much as we can not love our brothers or sisters, we are so attached to them and their presence is important to us. Perhaps these are the only people, kindred souls, who will remain with us when our parents leave for eternity. In childhood, we fight with them for toys, do dirty tricks, call names, but we do not yet realize that this is the most dear person for us. Even having created your own family, only your own child can be dearer at the same level, but no one can become as important as a sister or brother.

Bodrov Jr. also talks about the fact that in today’s cruel world it is very important to find a person with whom it is not scary to live. He thinks more broadly and suggests that it does not have to be a sister or brother. Not everyone has them. This may be a person with whom life circumstances, problems, grief introduced you. All this brings people together, making them one team, simply because they both understand what they had to go through. Having such a person, you get tremendous support, understanding and acceptance at any moment.

Even as half-sisters, the girls are still related to their mothers, and this is the main connecting element between them. At first, the girls are forced by chance to coexist together, but later they find support and understanding in each other.

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