The hidden meaning of the film “About freaks and people”

The Russian film-drama “About Freaks and People” is not just a tape for one-time viewing. In the picture of the legendary director Alexei Balabanov, human vices are revealed, which many prefer to remain silent about. A provocative film makes you look at our life with completely different eyes. What is the true meaning of the film “About freaks and people”?

The meaning of the film “About freaks and people”

It is difficult to surprise the modern generation with an erotic film. What is presented in the film “About freaks and people” is perceived by many as a slight hint, a prelude, and not pornography. Although two centuries ago, screen actions would have been comparable to a stigma, a shame, from which there is no escape, from which one can never wash off. Why have people’s views changed so much? Why is everything personal, secret more and more becoming public?

The controversial and extremely controversial film makes a person look more closely at the people around him. Who are these strangers that we meet almost every day on the streets. Where are they in a hurry, what goals and ideas are in their heads. Freaks and people. Why did the director decide to focus on these categories. Who are they?

The acting is mesmerizing. Amazing facial expressions, a chilling look, eloquent gestures. The emotions and feelings of the characters are understandable without words. The meaning of the film “About freaks and people” is to show how different people can be. If for one person something is completely unacceptable, another may perceive it as the norm. For some characters, moral values ​​are more like an empty phrase. What is the concept of “normality”? The director does not give a clear answer to this question. Alexei Balabanov, when making the film, was sure that each viewer would make his own conclusion at the end of the film.

Image of Johann. The character combines not only the character traits of a simple person, but also excessive composure and cruelty. With his gaze, he can confuse anyone. While watching the film, the viewer asks the question: “How can one character have so many conflicting qualities.” This character just turned into a mental freak. However, he does not recognize the metamorphoses that have occurred. On the contrary, he is trying to impose on society the idea that he should be considered a normal, adequate person. It is his position in life, the principles are correct. He can no longer be saved. Johann does not want and cannot change. Other characters may have a more rosy fate.

Kolya. A typical humble character. But it is in this hero that a huge inner strength is hidden. The hero resembles a ray of light in a dark realm. However, everyone around is trying to hint to him that he lives wrong, that he should reconsider his priorities and interests. Kolya stands out from the crowd. He is like an angel who is opposed by dark forces. Will he be able to overcome the resentment from society? Will he be able to prove his uniqueness and integrity?

In the film “About freaks and people” the characters are opposed to each other. They are like different elements. White and black. The personification of good and evil. Everyone has their own truth. The position of which hero to take should be decided by each viewer independently.

The meaning of the finale of the film “About freaks and people”

What is good and what is bad? This question has never lost its relevance. The film shows the opposites of human characters. However, there is no internal struggle between them, it’s just a story. The depravity of human nature sometimes knows no bounds. An uncompromising and honest director mercilessly showed people’s fears, doubts and ideals. Some people don’t like them, other viewers can’t even watch the movie to the end.

In the finale of the film “About Freaks and People” there was some understatement. How often do we meet freaks in everyday life, and what does this concept include? The meaning of the finale of the film “About freaks and people” is to explain to the audience that ugliness is not only physical, but also spiritual. But what is worse, each person decides for himself.

The film touches on topical topics: indifference to human suffering, cruelty, lack of compassion. Some characters scare away, others attract viewers with their inimitable aura. It’s impossible to watch this movie. To catch the meaning of the film immediately is almost impossible. This picture makes you think, look into the farthest corners of our souls, realize weaknesses.

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