The film “The Man from Podolsk”: the meaning of the film

Love Amsterdam, but live in Podolsk. This is the norm for the hero of the film “The Man from Podolsk”. Nikolai sees himself as a bright musical star, but works in a modest position in a little-known newspaper. But one event made the character “wake up” from his uninteresting existence. Now Nikolai is a participant in an unusual game, the outcome of which is extremely difficult to predict.

The meaning of the film “The Man from Podolsk”

The film “The Man from Podolsk” is an absurd drama that tells about everyday life. The movie features the perfect cop. However, his image is far from what we are used to seeing in reality. But who is he, the average resident of a small town? There is an opinion that it is better not to collide with the police, although they are called upon to ensure public order. People are distrustful of law enforcement agencies. Even the phrase “my police protect me” brings a smile to the faces of others. Obviously, it is saturated with ironic notes. The character firmly understood for himself that the police should not be messed with. Even the road should be avoided.

The main character of the film was detained at the station. The hero does not understand that he has violated such a thing. But the whole range of emotions is already read on his face. This is distrust, and surprise, and unwillingness to cooperate. It requires at least some clarity. During his life, the character has already formed certain beliefs that were against law enforcement. The hero is confused, he is already visibly nervous. He even thinks it’s a bad dream. But all misadventures happen to him in reality.

The policeman is focused and collected. He calmly asks Nikolai. However, his questions seem strange and even absurd to the hero. Why does the law enforcement officer need information that the character has knowledge about the date of foundation of Podolsk? How important is the population of a small town?

The painting “The Man from Podolsk” is the story of a specific person, not the police. The character of the tape is a simple resident. The same as the millions of others who live in the old Khrushchev. Every day they are forced to overcome a long way to work among the same as they are. Lots of wasted time. Sometimes by subway, sometimes by bus, sometimes by train. The character of the picture is “lucky” the most. He gets everything at once. People get so used to their route that they do not notice what is happening outside the window, what is around them. They live like robots, programmed for a certain sequence of actions. A person from Podolsk is an individual who has no hobbies and interests. He doesn’t have any goals. It just exists in the home-work-home mode. No ambitious plans for the future. Not even being able to change anything.

The characters of the film live in dull gray tones. They don’t care about everything. what’s going on around. They haven’t paid attention to anything for a long time. Many viewers are familiar with the phrase: “Everywhere is good, where we are not.” This is precisely the main idea of ​​the film “The Man from Podolsk”. It seems to some individuals that somewhere “out there” people live differently. They are not familiar with troubles and misfortunes, and their life is filled exclusively with happiness and joy. But we are not there, so you can just dream of such an existence. People believe that life in a small town is their destiny and they have no chance to change anything. Yes, and they do not make any effort to move the situation off the ground.

The modern life film “The Man from Podolsk” is about the fact that for some people the glass is always half full, and for others it is half empty. Only recently the second category of individuals is becoming more and more.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Man from Podolsk”

The hero of the film “The Man from Podolsk” got into the circus of the absurd. He does not understand at all what is happening to him. This is a very funny and at the same time sad film that is relevant for any person. The image of the main character turned out to be solid, although he is gloomy and boring. At the end of the picture, each viewer is given the chance to choose what character they would like to become. The meaning of the finale of the film “The Man from Podolsk” is to show by a good example how to live and how not. A person should look at his existence from the outside, highlight the positive and negative points. Perhaps its existence has long since become Groundhog Day. In this case, it is important to throw off the shackles of everyday life and allow yourself to change something.

Each person has the choice to become what he wants. The main thing is to be yourself. Without coercion and violence. It is worth paying more attention to your desires and dreams. A person should not focus solely on meeting basic needs. Life is short, so you should not do uninteresting things. which are of no use. You need to leave a job that does not appreciate you and that does not bring pleasure. A person for himself should be in the first place. You should always listen to yourself and set ambitious goals. This is an interesting, full of bright events path.

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