The Deep Meaning of “An Ordinary Miracle”

The two-part TV movie “Ordinary Miracle” was filmed back in 1978. The artistic musical film is more like a parable, in which sad, but at the same time funny topics are touched upon. How is this possible? Director Mark Zakharov managed to bring real magic to the screens. The Ordinary Miracle is not just a fairy tale. This is a meaningful, thought out to the smallest detail film, after watching which the viewer is sure that there is a place for magic and magic in our life.

The meaning of the film “Ordinary Miracle”

A wise, sincere, lively film evokes a storm of emotions. Director Mark Zakharov created a real masterpiece. You can talk and talk about the picture, finding new facets of an incredible story. Some phrases and quotes from the film have become winged. Like a good wizard, the director gave people the magic that they needed so much. “Ordinary Miracle” is a film for those adults who dream of romantic adventures, all-consuming love, real happiness.

The actors in the film are chosen perfectly, each character is in his place. Heroes are not exactly fairy tale characters. They are also characterized by cynicism, deceit, irony. But at the same time, each character is sincere in their motives. Charming characters attract attention, you want to watch them, follow the development of events. Even the king, who utters unpleasant rude words, brings a smile to the faces of the audience.

Oleg Yankovsky played the wizard in the film in the way that only he can. His character is tired of life. Around only boredom and dullness. But the wizard came up with an unusual occupation for himself. He manipulates people, plays with their thoughts and feelings. Alexander Abdulov in the form of a bear conquered the majority of the audience. The romantic character showed by his example that there is a place for kindness and sincerity in life. The narcissistic minister, played by Andrei Mironov, does not cause hostility. Despite the arrogance, the character attracts the eyes of the public. You can talk about filled, bright, multifaceted heroes for hours. The acting is top notch. The director was not indifferent to who would play the roles in this story.

The real decoration of the film was a song about a butterfly. It is difficult to find a person who would not hear a cheerful melody, although not everyone watched the film “Ordinary Miracle”. The collective images of the characters make the audience believe that there are such characters in our lives. The director subtly and not intrusively showed human vices, which sometimes we simply do not notice. Although this story has a bright ending, it leaves a long aftertaste after itself. And here is something to think about. Why do people forget how to dream? Why do we no longer believe in magic and sorcery? Questions that are not customary to discuss, because you may seem stupid and ridiculous.

Romance, thirst for adventure, sincere feelings must firmly enter our lives. However, many in the first place put the position in society, material wealth, status. But this creates disharmony in the soul. Everyday affairs, duties, household life will always be. But gray everyday life can be brightened up with fun moments and joyful events. Love is something worth doing crazy things and going against the current. Most importantly, we must be in harmony with ourselves. Otherwise, all our undertakings and plans are doomed to failure.

The meaning of the film “Ordinary Miracle” also lies in the fact that every viewer understands that a person is born in order to become happy. Don’t settle for less. In life, we will not always be surrounded by exclusively greedy evil people who go over their heads and act only in their own interests. There are those who can be trusted, who are able to lend a helping hand at the right time. The film can be called an incredible miracle, forcing the audience to believe in themselves and their strengths.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Ordinary Miracle”

There is drama, humor, wisdom, and sadness in the film. The actors act in a way that is breathtaking. The meaning of the film’s ending “An Ordinary Miracle” is that good always triumphs over evil. Even a wizard who had incredible powers couldn’t resist the power of love. The character tried to control people, was the arbiter of their destinies. But he was faced with something that was beyond his control. What conclusion can the viewer draw after watching the film? You can’t manipulate people, play on feelings, force them to cry and worry is prohibited. No one has the right to decide for a person what further step he should take.

The film “Ordinary Miracle” is a classic ode to romantics and dreamers. The director claims that one can and should believe in magic. The film looks in one breath. Despite the fact that some viewers know it by heart, the film is played again and again. A symbolic and tender ribbon with a slight sadness immerses a person in a world where sincerity and kindness rule. The bright ending of the story makes the audience believe in a miracle. The magnificent film “Ordinary Miracle” is simple and understandable about the complex, but at the same time sincere and multifaceted.

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