Meaning of the movie Mother’s Heart

The series “Mother’s Heart” tells the story of a simple girl Asya Demidova, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Olesya Fattakhova, Ilya Alekseev, Olesya Zhurakovskaya and other actors played in the melodrama. The only question left is, what is the movie Mother’s Heart about?

What is the movie Mother’s Heart about?

In the first series, the meaning of the film is not fully revealed. The life of the main character is getting better, and, it would seem, the viewer can only look at the happy life of a simple girl. You can understand what the film “Mother’s Heart” is about only by watching it to the end. After all, Asya’s life is far from easy and serene, despite the fact that at the beginning of the series everything is going very well for her. An attentive viewer will easily understand the meaning of the ending of the series.

The girl Asya Demidova learned early what the pain of loss is. She recently lost her mother. But Asya has a dream that helps her cope with her grief. The girl wants to become a fashion designer. It is for this purpose that she goes to the capital.

An unfortunate mistake in the papers leads to the fact that Asya does not enter the specialty that she so dreamed of. But she does not despair and continues to stubbornly walk towards the future she dreams about. The girl gets a job as a cleaner at a sewing company.

Asya quickly finds her place in the team. She is hardworking and responsible, therefore she gains authority from experienced colleagues. Soon the talented and diligent newcomer is promoted. She becomes a seamstress. Asya is trusted, she is respected by her colleagues.

A simple but hardworking and serious girl attracts the attention of two young factory owners. With one of them, Artem, Asya begins a dizzying affair. Young people fall in love with each other. Artem, against the wishes of an influential mother, proposes to his beloved. The couple marries and has a daughter, Nadenka.

But the happiness of the young family was not destined to last long. One day, the car in which the family was traveling is attacked. Artem dies, and Asya’s daughter suddenly disappears. A young woman falls into despair, but copes with grief and almost immediately takes up the search for her missing daughter. She understands that nothing is more important to her than finding Hope.

The girl cannot be found. The factory, meanwhile, passes to the girl, who has become a widow, by inheritance. Kirill, a suitor who competed with Artyom for her hand and heart, decides to take advantage of the situation. He strongly sympathizes with the mother who lost her daughter and tries to show that he is ready to provide any help in search of Nadia. But Cyril does this only out of selfish motives. He bribes the investigation and the employee involved in the case of the missing Nadenka is removed. Ahead Asya is waiting for a lot of events, both joyful and unpleasant. She will marry again, build a career and will persistently seek her happiness.

Meaning of the movie Mother’s Heart

This series has everything that is inherent in melodrama. This is the pain of loss and the joy of love, betrayal and hypocrisy, self-interest and nobility. Unraveling the meaning of the film is not so difficult, but for this you need to watch it to the end. If a person has a dream, and he is ready to fulfill it, then it will certainly come true. But for this, the dream must become a goal to which you need to go without turning off. Asya Demidova is a simple girl, but her strong character, diligence and hard work made it possible to achieve everything she wanted.

The name of the series, “Mother’s Heart”, also conveys a different, broader meaning of the film and immediately hints to the viewer that this picture tells the story, first of all, of the mother. Asya does her best to find her daughter Nadenka. And the mother’s heart will not rest until the daughter is found.

If the genre of the series is designated as “melodrama”, then it is not difficult to understand what the film is about. It is about the fate of a person, about the ups and downs of fate, about different characters, personalities, and relationships. The plot of the series “Mother’s Heart” cannot be called banal. It is quite twisted and gives the viewer the opportunity to reflect on the upcoming events. It is rather difficult to predict how a serial film will end, and the meaning of the ending will surprise the viewer.

A persistent girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, overcomes various difficulties and achieves professional success. The series has a lot of not only melodrama, but also dynamic action. There is also a lot of emotion and action at the end of the serial film. Will Asya become happy with a new man or will she not be able to forget Artyom? Will Nadia be found? The clear meaning of the film’s ending answers all the viewer’s questions.

The series “Mother’s Heart” is melodramatic and fascinating. The picture will appeal to all connoisseurs of the genre.

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