Meaning of “I Don’t Hurt”

Three heroes. Three true friends. It seems that all roads are open to them. They are full of energy and strength, the thirst for life in them is in full swing. But what trials have fate prepared for them? The film “It doesn’t hurt me” by Alexei Balabanov tells the difficult story of the life of people lost in time. When analyzing the film, we will try to highlight its true meaning.

Meaning of “I Don’t Hurt”

The original style of Alexei Balabanov is felt from the first frames of the film. The film “It doesn’t hurt me” is about love. The director of the picture tried to show the ideal woman. The actress who played the role of the main character, in her own right. And this despite the fact that she is always surrounded by people. She does not have a beautiful appearance, but this does not repel anyone. The heroine feels the inner core, character, charisma. She likes to argue with others, proving her point of view long and hard. But such women do not repel people from themselves. There are those who feel sympathy for wayward persons.

Natella Antonovna is never ashamed of her intemperance. The heroine does not know what mental pain is. She doesn’t take anything to heart. She tries to protect herself from the experiences and problems of others. For Natella Antonovna, this is the norm of life. A woman does not know how to exist differently. A bright central image, brilliantly played by Renata Litvinova. The meaning of the film “It doesn’t hurt me” is to show how different women can be. Despite the sophistication and fragility, the girl is tough and resolute. But behind external indifference, a naive vulnerable nature can sometimes be hidden.

Three friends are young and full of grandiose plans for life. They are so different, but there is something that unites them. All three dream of a happy life filled with joyful moments. However, each of the characters has its own story and life experience behind them. There are events that they would forever like to leave in the past and forget. However, there are moments that they want to remember all their lives.

Hero Alexander Yatsenko. An ordinary guy who pulled out a lucky ticket. In his life he experienced something that will never return. Those incredible days will never happen again. Only extraordinary memories of those wonderful times remained. Now its existence can hardly be called a rich bright life. He lives in the past, realizing that nothing can be changed. How many people among us who, like the hero, do not see a happy future ahead of them. They are like shadows that go with the flow.

Paratrooper. He can not forget the time spent in the “hot” spot. He periodically falls out of reality and again finds himself at war. Sometimes it is so unbearable that the paratrooper does not even want to wake up. The hero cannot adapt to normal life in any way. The film “It Doesn’t Hurt Me” shows how a person who has experienced terrible events learns to exist in society again.

The uncommunicative closed Alya tries to “throw off” her shell and start communicating with people she is interested in. However, this is extremely difficult for her. But the girl is trying. She still believes in herself and her strength.

Complex and multifaceted characters, which are extremely interesting to watch. They are connected by a feeling of inner loneliness. They are trying to find their own kind and unite. The characters are drawn to each other. Sometimes they feel like they have found a kindred spirit. They are so close to each other. They are no longer afraid, you can not be afraid. Together they don’t hurt anymore.

The meaning of the finale of the film “It doesn’t hurt me”

The film “It doesn’t hurt me” is not just a film about love. The picture tells about a unique creation – a woman. After watching the film, the viewer can feel the difference between “to live” and “to be”. The meaning of the finale of the film “It doesn’t hurt me” is to show how unbearable it is sometimes just to exist. Without feelings, emotions, experiences.

The heroes of the film are connected by loss, alienation, misunderstanding of what is happening. They wander around the big city in search of themselves. The characters are trying to find answers to their many questions. They do not fully understand what is the meaning of their existence. What is the main thing in life? The director answered this question at the end of the film. To live happily, you need to find your own and calm down. People who will understand you and accept you for who you really are.

Our life is very fast paced. This idea is the main one in the finale of the film “It Doesn’t Hurt Me”. Heroes are in a hurry to live, they want to try everything that arouses their interest. Our life consists not only of bright joyful days. Every person has problems and failures. It is only through the blows of fate, disappointment, loss and moments of unbridled happiness that we understand the true meaning of our existence. Nothing is forever. Life is made of impermanence. Wealth and poverty, health and pain. No one knows what the next gift fate will bring. The heroes realized the fragility and exclusivity of the moment and understood what to appreciate and what not to pay attention to.

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