“Marathon of desires” – the meaning of the film and its finale

“Marathon of Desires” is a 2020 Russian film about desires and the fact that sometimes fate solves our problems in a completely different way from what was originally written down in the plan.

What is the movie about

A young girl Marina from Voronezh is on the verge of her happiness: everything is going well at work – she works as a manicurist, and now this profession brings her a stable income; soon she will have a wedding with a man with whom she has been in a relationship for two years. There are, of course, some obstacles, but they are so minor. The fact is that Marina has to pay loans for repairs in a common apartment, and the groom’s mother, for some reason, is against the marriage of her son to a girl.

But then fate intervenes in the plans of the girl. At first, Marina loses her passport while she is looking for it, her best friend Lisa advises her to make a list of 7 wishes. It is this magic number that will help to realize everything conceived into reality. The list has been compiled, and the first item on it is to find a passport. And he is in the hands of the mother of a young man, who in this way decided to disrupt the wedding. In frustration and from unfair resentment, on the advice of Lisa, Marina decides to leave for Khanty-Mansiysk for a training on wish fulfillment. But along the way, so many unusual events happen to the girl that the desires that were originally written down in a notebook not only do not come true, but become irrelevant.

The meaning of the film “Marathon of desires”

At the airport, Marina accidentally runs into a girl whose children accidentally dropped a stranger’s bag while playing. The main character decides to help pick up the things and lets an unfamiliar young man in line, who buys the last ticket to Khanty-Mansiysk. Now Marina is delayed at the airport without money, moreover, because of the delay, she may be late for the training, and then her plans will definitely not come true.

In a series of accidents and comical situations, Marina and Alexander, the same stranger who bought the last ticket, constantly collide. Between people who initially disliked each other, more and more bonds are formed. It turns out that Sasha is a professional chef flying to the culinary competition of his dreams. His future life depends on winning this event, because it is an opportunity to work with one of the best chefs in the world.

But flights are delayed, Marina’s crazy contingency plans don’t work, and even make things worse for Alexander. As a result, the young man is left without money, without a passport, without expensive products that he brought with him to the competition at the airport. It is not known when the next flight will be, and whether Alexander wants to fly at all now, because because of Marina he injured his arm, and now he has only one working arm.

Marina sincerely wants to help the guy, but her actions seem to only make things worse – both for those around her and for herself. Suddenly, she receives a video on her phone, from which she learns that the reason for her break with her fiancé was not only the desire of his mother. The young man had been cheating on her with another girl for a couple of months.

But fate turns to Marina with hugs. She meets at the airport quite by chance the very chef Sasha wants to work with. Then he finds Sasha at the airport, together they come up with a plan on how to get to the VIP zone, where the cook is now staying. Not everything goes according to plan, but the guys find themselves in front of Alexander’s idol, and he even gives the young man a chance to prove himself in culinary skills. With the help of Marina, Sasha successfully completes the task and gets the job of her dreams.

Liza, Marina’s friend, sincerely believes in the visualization of her hopes, in karma and other gifts from fate, if you know how to guess correctly. At first, this seems strange to both the viewer and Marina herself, although she agrees to follow this path. But every turn at the airport, every failure and oversight lead to unexpected consequences. For example, helping an unfamiliar girl with collecting things gives Marina a hug – later we learn that the one who was helped by the main character is the same magical woman, hugs with which have a positive effect on all fate. A scandal at the airport leads Marina to a special waiting area, behind bars, where she meets a karma specialist who will later help the girl make the right choice twice. A quarrel with the groom’s mother protects Marina from disappointment in the youngest man. Having learned the news about the betrayal later, she endures the news much easier and even forgives him.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Marathon of desires”

In the finale, as you might guess, Alexander and Marina understand that all the adventures that befell them in less than a day were not accidental. Each event that pushed them together was literally sent from above so that these people would not lose each other in a crowd of people and a whirlpool of events. At first, Alexander gets carried away talking with the chef and forgets Marina somewhere at the airport, but after a few minutes Marina hears Sasha looking for her, making an announcement over the loudspeaker. A couple of hours ago, drunk Marina offended her best friend, blaming her for all her failures. But now, having once again looked at everything with a clean look, the main character understands her mistake and sincerely asks for forgiveness from her best friend.

7 wishes completely rewritten. And if at first Marina asked for herself, then in the end she fulfilled Alexander’s dream.

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