Is the meaning of the film “Acid” – the problems of “golden youth”?

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The film is not easy to perceive and understand, a rather gloomy psychological drama. It makes you think about many important things – about the meaning of life of the modern generation, about parent-child relationships that have caused modern youth to live so aimlessly (“The only thing we can give the world is an iPhone charger”).

Movie heroes

The heroes of the film by the young director A. Gorchilin are the modern “golden youth”. Young people and girls living not at all poor, but chaotic and aimless. They do not need to work, as well as to raise funds for living and food. They have the opportunity to “hang out” merrily, but the ridiculous death of one of their friends, a suicide in a state of overdose (pumped up on drugs, the young man jumped naked from the balcony), makes all participants sink into depression and seriously think about the meaning of life.

A friend of the main character of the picture, Petya, out of guilt in front of a deceased comrade (did not stop him from jumping from a balcony) drinks a few sips of acid, burns his mouth and throat, loses his voice and ends up in the hospital, Sasha (the main character) worries, visits a friend in hospital, trying to get out of this state. But to no avail, because Sasha’s mother comes to Sasha, and he cannot shelter Petya at home. And he, unable to get rid of his guilt, surrenders to the police a few days later.

Sasha himself also commits strange rash acts (for example, circumcision), starts sexual relations with a minor, cannot find a common language with his mother and grandmother, pours acid into the font for a baby in a church.

Misunderstanding of generations

The misunderstanding between the older and younger generations is most clearly seen in Sasha’s family. He sees his mother once every few years, he does not see his father at all, he is brought up only by his grandmother, who does not pay much attention to her grandson. In a conversation with his mother, Sasha admits that he missed his father all his life, he grew up not quite full-fledged, because he was raised only by women (he cannot say no to a woman). The mother herself is confused, does not really understand what she wants from life and from her own son, in addition, she is pregnant again and neither she nor her son understand how to raise a second child.

In relations between children and parents there is no warmth, sincerity, but there is coldness, detachment. The same is observed in Petya’s family, where the parents put an end to their son and became completely indifferent to his fate and problems. Such a cold attitude of loved ones hurts young people, makes them even more vulnerable and mentally unstable.

Why is the movie called “Acid”?

The name was not chosen by chance. First of all, throughout the film it is demonstrated how the internal “acid” (depression, a sense of meaninglessness and loss) corrodes the characters and makes them commit rash and evil deeds. Some of the actions were performed not with the aim of harming oneself and others, but with the aim of emphasizing one’s individuality, but these attempts were strange and somehow clumsy.

Acid is also a drug that the characters of the film used at parties, which led the characters to even greater degradation and put them in a state of constant depression.

We also see real acid, hydrochloric acid, which the artist used for his works. Throughout the film, a glass bottle of acid appears in the hands of the characters, which makes the picture even more strange and frightening.

What does the film teach the viewer?

Drugs are terrible, their use leads to depression, degradation and strange actions; If you do not have work and hobbies, you can fall into the same incomprehensible state as the heroes of the film – a constant search for yourself, an aimless burning of life; Before you do something, you need to think about the consequences, be responsible for your words and deeds; If you are worried about the feeling of being lost, lack of meaning in life, guilt, you should consult a psychologist, self-digging does not always give the desired result; Parents should be more warm and attentive to their children, engage in upbringing, worry about the child being busy, interested in something, so that there are no such difficult problems in adolescence and young age; For young people, a correct and healthy lifestyle is important, an incorrect lifestyle leads to serious consequences for the psyche, which is very clearly seen in the film.

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