Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the series “Psycho”

The Russian audience really likes films in the genre of psychological thrillers, as evidenced by the abundance of such films and series. One of the most worthy representatives of this direction can be considered the series “Psycho”, filmed by director Fyodor Bondarchuk. Fedor is a true master of his craft. He is known not only for playing in films, but also for his work.

Let’s see how his series “Psycho” ended and how its ending can be explained.

What is Psych about?

The main character of the series is a well-known and respected psychologist named Oleg. He is famous for the fact that he can easily and quickly solve almost any human problem, so it is not surprising that people go to him very actively. But his client base is mostly rich business owners, and these “big” people have very “big” psychological problems.

In fact, a brilliant specialist in the field of psychology is also far from all right. About a year ago, his wife, whom he loved very much, went missing. Oleg suffers from this, because the person in whose shoulder one could cry is no longer around. It is also frightening that it is not known whether she herself left him, falling out of love, or she was stolen … Or maybe she is no longer alive at all, and it’s time to look for someone else. But it will also not be possible to do this, because there are still feelings. Oleg believed that Marina would return to the day she left him a year ago, but his dreams were destined to come true.

I am glad that the hero is not completely distraught with grief. The viewer watches how Oleg is eager to have a child through a surrogate mother to brighten up his loneliness.

Moreover, Oleg’s mother, already an elderly woman who has an adult independent son, never missed the opportunity to start manipulating her son. All this is carried out under the pretext that the mother wants to get her son out of a protracted depression. But the woman does not understand one thing: the funds are needed completely different, and manipulation only exacerbates the situation. In the meantime, Oleg has various addictions, unreasonable mood swings from a feeling of joy and happiness to ardent aggression and other, but no less important problems, added to his depression.

Movie ending explanation

The last episode of the season begins with Oleg waking up in the hospital because he overdosed the other day. Doctors save him, despite his rather serious condition. The hero does not stay in the hospital for long: he is released from there under personal responsibility.

After recovery, Oleg is trying to reunite with people close to him, and with people in general. First of all, he tries to do this with his mother, then with Vera and Artem. With the last two, the closest explanations are: Vera says that she was cruelly and brazenly deceived, and Artem is now aware of one of Oleg’s oddities, which consists in his dialogues with a silicone doll, instead of which he introduces Marina.

Viewers begin to grow in themselves the hope that everything is getting better. And, it would seem, there should be some news about the missing wife, and then everything will definitely end well! But no. This doesn’t happen. Although, in theory, it should have been, because the series is called “Renaissance”.

Marinino’s body was found. On paper it is written that the cause of death was an illness, but in the series there is also a hint that this is not an illness at all, but rather suicide. The last minutes of the series are amazing, and Oleg must have thought of something terrible.

What is the message of the film? First of all, that a mentally ill person can be cured by the same psycho, and no one else. But at the same time, the healer must be morally stronger. However, even this is not a 100% cure for the fact that the doctor will never become like his patient. After all, it is very difficult to listen to and process information every day, moreover, it is very difficult and sometimes vile, terrible.

And do not think that all professionals and, in principle, rich successful people do not have problems. It is possible that ordinary people have a much better chance of happiness and well-being than those who, due to their success, are tied up in the abyss of endless problems and suffering.

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