Explanation of the meaning of the ending of the series “Project” Anna Nikolevna “

Can you learn to be human? And if you are originally a robot running on the android system? The authors of the series “The Anna Nikolaevna Project” tried to answer these questions. This film is a non-standard film. In the film, jokes are intertwined with a deep meaning, which the creators of the series tried to convey to their viewers.

The film “Project” Anna Nikolaevna “was filmed in an unusual genre for the Russian audience. Drama, comedy and fantasy are intertwined in it. Scientists have created an android-cop, endowing it with a specific mission. The first thing the heroine needs to do is become human. But can a robot, initially devoid of feelings and emotions, do what he was ordered to do. The new police station is ideal for a provincial town. The mechanism is debugged and works like clockwork. Everything is clear, fast and to the point. But when the heroine sees the real life that surrounds her, her worldview changes. Over time, scientists realized with horror that their android police officer had become too human-like.

However, some viewers noted that the ending of the film turned out to be slurred and crumpled. Perhaps the authors of the project made the final “hook” so that the fans of the series were sure that the next season would definitely be. In the film “Project” Anna Nikolaevna “the creators of the picture touched upon the acute social problems that have matured in society. Some people are more like soulless robots who do not know how to think and analyze. They are only ready to live according to someone else’s orders. Such characters often do not have their own opinions. They are extremely sensitive to criticism, even constructive. They are very interested in what others say and think about them. This story showed what kind of individuals a society is made up of. Even the android cop wasn’t up to it. After the humanization process, she was surprised to observe the picture that unfolded before her. The scientists felt that their experiment had failed. They were not prepared for such a result. Scientists decided to correct their mistake as soon as possible. But it was already too late. Everything has gone too far.

Few people are willing to admit their mistakes, talk about their failures and mistakes. they prefer to hide their missteps, exposing themselves in a more favorable light. But this cannot always go on. Initially, Anna Nikolaevna was an exemplary employee. She clearly carried out everything that her superiors ordered. But after the android robot lived in a provincial town, she realized that many people just exist, hiding their desires and goals. And do they have goals? That’s a moot point.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Project” Anna Nikolaevna “is that everyone understands that justice should reign in the world. And law enforcement agencies should support it. Only the common people are distrustful of the police. People rarely turn to law enforcement officers for help. The film presents the relationship between a human and an android heroine. It is interesting to watch their development. This sweet heartfelt story puts a smile on the faces of viewers. The final scenes of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” turned out to be vital and touching. This film is not isolated from society. The audience understands that the characters presented in the film meet in everyday life. It is impossible to generalize all people engaged in one labor activity. There are both honest and sincere employees who are ready to help at any moment, as well as selfish and mean, pursuing only their own goals. But they are good at hiding their motives.

At the end of the series, one can note a slight naivete. Heroes find themselves in non-standard situations, from which they are looking for original ways out. This story is not just about how to bring a robot to life. The film “Project” Anna Nikolaevna “showed that every person should have feelings and emotions. It is difficult to exist if you are a soulless robot performing a certain sequence of actions. The ending of the series turned out to be unbanal. Therefore, many fans of the film are looking forward to its continuation. The series “Project” Anna Nikolaevna “catches with its final episodes. In the final scenes, the android had to sacrifice himself. The heroine understood that this was her only step to save people. Self-sacrifice and compassion. The robot thwarted the experiment, but remained true to its principles and priorities. It was important for the android to save people who could get into trouble. The ending of the series is that a thoughtless, emotionless existence will not bring joy and happiness. You need to become not just a good person, but kind to people.

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