Explanation of the meaning of the ending of The New Kid

The general producer and director of the film “The New One” is Oksana Barkovskaya, a strong documentary filmmaker in the past. The first season of the show (October – November 2020) included 7 episodes. The eighth episode of the social drama is the author’s afterword to the film project, the purpose of which is to show the causes of abusive relationships between schoolchildren, to draw attention to the problems of bullying among teenagers.

The scenario is based on a true story: the disappearance in the Smolensk region in April 2019 of 16-year-old schoolboy Vlad Bakhov. The picnic of classmates became fatal for the teenager: after some time he was found dead. The resonant criminal case was widely covered in the media, discussed in the TV program “Live”. In the series “The New One” there are no exact images or names of the participants in those events, there is no tragic ending to what happened. There is only a borrowing of the starting points of history and some “stuffing” from Malakhov’s transfer.

The plot is based on how, together with the official search for the missing Maxim Pletnev, a school psychologist and class teacher 10 “B” conduct their own investigation. Adults come to the conclusion that almost all the teenagers who were in the forest that day could have been involved in the disappearance of the student. The characters in the film are reminiscent of the heroes of the classic detective story “Murder on the Night Express”. Each of them hides something, keeps silent or is afraid of something.

A new tenth-grader has been studying in the city school of Yurovsk for less than a year. Maxim moved here from Moscow in connection with the departure of his parents. He takes their divorce hard, regrets his mother, hopes for a reunion with his father. A smart and purposeful guy from the capital’s elite college falls into the team of the usual 10th grade and the provincial atmosphere of a small town. Surrounded by people whose interests are far from his views and ambitious plans for the future, he spends most of his free time on the Internet or on the phone, keeping in touch with former friends.

Relations with classmates do not add up. Simple Micah, who wanted to make friends with the newcomer, Maxim rudely points to his “cattle place”. Nastya, the owner of a magnificent bust and pumped up lips, in response to her sympathy for the visiting major, receives the nickname Trampoline from him. Petya and Lera, who have lived in poverty since childhood, are jealous of how casually Maxim pays for his purchases with his father’s golden bank card. Egor Smirnov, the offspring of a regional official, has always been a class leader. The appearance of a new one shook his position. In addition, he is jealous of Max to his girlfriend. Beauty Sonya, the daughter of the head of the police department Ryabov, is not an easy person. The girl is going through puberty. In the classroom, she runs a group of reckless youngsters who persecute the weak and mock the defenseless. A year ago, her tricks caused Ani Zuenok’s suicide attempt.

Self-confident and determined Maxim does not look like a victim of bullying by classmates. He really opposes the party, which just as really annoys its leaders. Conflicts between the guys escalate during the celebration of Sonya’s birthday in nature. The main character has to forcibly swim in the river. He becomes a member of the “set-up” with Trampoline’s seduction. Then he gets into a fight with Micah and gets hit on the head with a stick. In the midst of a picnic, Maxim says a lot of nasty things to everyone and goes into the forest.

Realizing that a classmate is missing, Sonya calls her father. On his orders, the police at the scene of the alleged crime “cover up” the traces. During the investigation, the guys lie. Parents either shield their children, or do not attach importance to their behavior. The director and teachers are afraid and do not get involved in the problems of the students.

The hope that the missing student did not die is great. Businessman Andrey Pletnev suggests that his son was kidnapped because of his shady deal to acquire a local factory. Maxim’s mother does not recognize her child in the disfigured corpse of a drowned man presented to her by the police. Volunteers find sneakers that a teenager was wearing that day, not in the forest or by the lake, but in an abandoned building. Final shots of episode 6: Maxim comes out of this very building. And all classmates receive a message from his phone that the subscriber has appeared on the network.

The guy disappeared in order to see how others would behave if suddenly he was gone. And this is the meaning of the ending of the film “The New Kid”. He had three ideas. Show classmates who they really are and teach them a lesson. To stir up adults who do not pay attention to the problems and complexes of their children. And reconcile your parents. Max appeared when everyone opened up and showed their true faces.

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