Explanation of the ending of the meaning of the series “Chiki”

The Russian series of 2020 with the vulgar and criminal name “Chiki” is a show of eight episodes of one season. Without a drop of misogyny or empathy, the director filmed a story about four prostitutes from a southern provincial town N. About how friends decided to change their status: from “a woman with reduced social responsibility” to a “business woman”. And what came of it.

Warm air, fields of sunflowers, ripe watermelons – the summer atmosphere of the south of Russia. A roadside barbecue, a motorway with trucks, workers of the “most ancient profession” on the side of the road – this is also a “southern flavor”. Zhanna Maiskaya drives into the familiar world of a provincial dusty town in a delightful red mini Cooper. She returned from Moscow to her small homeland, firmly deciding to leave the craft of a “night butterfly” and start working “for herself” in a small business. As a companion, the “capital thing” takes three girlfriends – girls from the track. Local “chicks” Marina, Sveta and Luda are happy to have the opportunity to start a new life: the costs of the profession, age, “nonsense” in their personal lives – and here is such a chance!

As a symbol of everything clean and beautiful, not like the dirt and hopelessness that surrounds them – a fitness club, which it was decided to open in this town. A brilliant idea will remain only at the stage of a business project. On the territory ruled by clans – Caucasian, Cossack, Cop, where landlords “throw”, creditors “rip off”, and bandits “squeeze out” the premises, where even close people betray – the idea of ​​​​four “commodities” failed. Putting everything at stake, the heroines are left with nothing.

In parallel with this, the viewer is involved in the vicissitudes of personal life “chik”. The series finale sounds like a call. You should not see in men only clients of prostitutes, you should not wait for princes or rely on rich “daddies” – the surrounding male world is much more diverse. Take a closer look at those who are nearby: if not cool, but harmless and harmless. Forgive them their absurdity, failure and so on. And you will be happy: to each his own, personal. Poor construction worker Vasily, honest Yurka – a policeman in a low rank, the father of Zhanna’s son, Kostya, a soft intelligent romantic. Goodness comes from them. Yes, hopelessness and hopelessness, but kindness and humanity. For these people, the hackneyed phrase “prostitutes are people too” sounds different: “prostitutes are just people.”

The plot of the plot seems to be comedic, but as events unfold, documentaries and “surprise” are woven into the series, and a real “dramedy” called “is there life after the track” turns out. Despite the drama of what is happening with the heroines, the story still has a good ending. Let the business fail, but there is no despair, just as there is no return to the dirty past. The priority is different: the former “comrades” have become a real family for each other. In confirmation of this, the theme of children, which is constantly, but as if by chance, is touched upon in the series.

An accidental baby who wipes himself with a burlap in the bushes and runs on, carefree and happy. A noisy gang of children playing in the yard. It is not clear from whom the pregnant Sveta, who in the 1st episode tells her friends about her firm decision to give birth to this child. Luda, who is at a loss (she fell in love with someone who loves her), literally rushes about with the idea of ​​doing IVF. And finally, Zhanna and her 10-year-old son.

Initially presented to the viewer as a boy with deviations and problems in sexual orientation, Romka gives his mother a lot of trouble. But the character, who seems psychologically traumatized and repeating the unsightly fate of past generations, is gradually revealed as a completely normal kid. And this is not a cynical and selfish “shkolota”, but a bright and good teenager, “enchanted by beauty.” But this charm is much wider than agape or eros. Roma is not only struck by the burning southern attractiveness of his peer, he realizes that the world around him is beautiful. Even if such, limited by the boundaries of a hopeless town.

The last episode of the final part of the series: Zhanna watches her son’s dance at a school concert, which the school administration did not want to include in the performance program. And at the very end of episode 8, it is shown how Romka and his girlfriend set fire to a car service, with the owner of which his mother had a conflict. If so, then there is hope for children who will not have a stamp “from a dysfunctional family”. It is they who will be able to do what the former “chicks” failed to do – turn the rebellion from senseless into merciless.

In the series “Chiki” a polyphonic canvas of the life of provincial prostitutes is woven from many nuances – “naive fools” who dream of a new life. There is a place for trash, prose of being, and love with beauty. In general, this series is about finding the good within yourself.

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