Explanation of the ending of the cult series “Brigade”

The Brigade series was released in the early 2000s, it immediately made an unforgettable impression and became a cult. The series is based on the story of four friends who knew each other from early childhood and decided to make a criminal career.

cult series

This series was so famous that the quotes and some of the storylines are still known. Many people watch this series and remember by heart the lines of the main characters – Sasha Bely, Phil, Bee and Cosmos. The main roles were played by such famous actors as Bezrukov, Dyuzhev, Vdovichenkov and Maikov. At its core, the Brigade series covers the era of the dashing nineties, all storylines will seem replayed to the modern viewer, but in fact they fully reveal the period and correspond to the atmosphere of that time.

Many who watched the series still need an explanation for the ending. Some moments are not clear until the end, the final series remains a mystery, for many the final is not revealed. The main basis of the final series and the ending of the series is that life seems to be getting better for all the heroes, Belov reconciled with his wife, he celebrates his victory in the elections, but Cosmos and the Bee are suddenly killed, then Phil and his wife.

End of the series

All the friends who were with Sasha from the very beginning, who went through all the problematic situations with him, died, while the traitor is a man who worked for Bely for a long time. The question is open to many – why did Max kill all the members of the group. It is known that he was Kaverin’s man, he was specially sent to the undercover brigade. At the right moment, he managed to deliver a crushing blow to all members of the brigade.

However, some nuances of the series suggest that the situation is not entirely accurate, for example, the former opera recruits Max. The bandit commits a crime and he has to follow the orders of Kaverin, he is sent to the Bely group, while he becomes close to the leader, but of course, not surpassing his friends. He is essentially the bodyguard of the leader’s family.

It is also known that for the entire series he saved the main character from an assassination attempt more than once. Viewers begin to understand that Max practically becomes part of the family, he protects his wife and son Bely almost constantly. Relations between Bely and Max are moving to a new level of trust, attention is focused on this. At the same time, he skillfully moves into the rank of one of Bely’s best friends, as the rest of the brigade members gradually begin to take care of their families, their lives, and business.

It is at the designated moment that Max, on the instructions of Kaverin’s opera, strikes. Initially, he carries out a massacre of Cosmos and Bee, and then kills Phil and his wife. It turns out that the entire Brigade is destroyed, while the operator places the ward in the basement so that he can hide from Bely’s revenge. Max is very tormented, he suffers from what he has done, but he was forced to fulfill the order. However, in the final frame it is clear that Sasha Bely takes revenge on Max and the cunning opera for the murdered comrades. Many people have a question why when Sasha Bely kills Max, he shouts hatred to him, because in fact it is clear that Max is suffering from the fact that he had to fulfill Kaverin’s order. Many believe that Max did not want to do this and was extremely worried about this situation.

Ending versions

There are versions that Kaverin initially put Max into a trance and, under the influence of hypnosis, forced him to take revenge on the brigade. In fact, Max did not want to do this.

Either way, the series is definitely over. The wife and son of Bely flies to America, he himself takes revenge and kills the traitor and all his guards. However, the question remains open why Olya and her son fly abroad, and the hero is delayed. It remains an open question whether he decided to join the family later or decided to stay in his homeland. The viewer decides for himself the ending.

There are other versions that have come up after many people have read the book and they see their own version. At the end of the film, many heard the clap from passing cars, which means that Sasha Bely was shot dead at the end of the film. Some refuse this version.

The Brigade series has become a cult series, it left an unforgettable impression on a whole generation of people. Today, if you want to plunge into the dashing nineties, then this is an ideal option to get acquainted with that time, survive all the difficulties of the main characters and draw your own conclusions about how the series ended.

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