About what and what is the meaning of the film “Cruel Romance”

The wonderful works of Eldar Ryazanov are imbued with deep meaning. The director managed to reveal the meaning of true love, real self-sacrifice and devotion. The film “Cruel Romance” hides a moral, very instructive background.

The creators showed the tragedy of an ordinary person in difficult living conditions. But the sad story also reveals the problems of modern society.

What is the movie Cruel Romance about?

In a small town called Bryakhimov lives a widow, Harita Ignatievna Ogudalova. Three daughters lived with her, two of them were married by a dodgy woman. Only one remained with her mother, Larisa Dmitrievna. Mother and daughter do not live well, so Larisa can only dream of a good groom.

And the girl is dreaming. She is in love with a wealthy shipowner, Sergei Sergeevich Paratov. Paratov himself also loves Larisa, but is not going to marry her. A dowry is not a match for a rich merchant. Sergei Sergeevich leads a wild life, Larisa lives calmly and measuredly.

There are always many different people in the Ogudalovs’ house. They are attracted by the beauty and talent of the girl. Larissa sings beautifully. Among the regular guests is the merchant Mokiy Parmyonych Knurov, a very respectable person. He often helps Harita Ignatievna with money. Another frequent visitor is a friend of the Ogudalov family, Vasily Danilovich Vozhevatov. Often comes to the house and a petty official, Julius Kapitonovich. He loves Larisa.

After the unexpected departure of Paratov, Larisa out of desperation agrees to marry Karandyshev. It’s about the wedding. But Sergei Sergeevich Paratov returns to the city. Larisa Dmitrievna is in confusion. And Paratov hatches an insidious plan. At a dinner with the groom Larisa Dmitrievna, he gets Karandyshev drunk.

Larisa leaves with Sergei Sergeevich for the “Swallow”. This ship used to belong to Paratov. Larisa spends the whole night on the “Swallow”. In the morning she is waiting for a proposal from her beloved, but Paratov declares that he is engaged. Larisa Dmitrievna is in despair. And at this time, Karandyshev got on the ship. He saw how Knurov and Vozhevatov decide the fate of Larisa, play toss. In anger and despair, he kills the bride.

The meaning of the film Cruel Romance

The main meaning of the touching story is that wealth spoils a person, makes him cynical and cruel.

He is able to humiliate the poor, treats him as an inferior person. There is nothing sacred for the rich, money obscures his eyes, makes him deaf to the pain and feelings of a poor person.

Poverty is not a vice

The filmmakers are trying to convey to the audience one important idea. A poor person also has thoughts, feelings, a soul.

There is more dignity in him, more kindness than in a wealthy person. The poor person remains a real person in any situation. And spiritually, he stands above any, the richest merchant.

Pride and pride

The film shows the difference between two simultaneously similar and different qualities of a person.

Larisa’s pride does not allow her to confess her feelings to her beloved. Paratov offended the girl, but offended pride does not allow her to be imposed. Out of pride, she agrees to marry an unloved man. And this pride did the unfortunate girl a disservice.

Pride seized and Karandysheva Larisa chose him, and he decided that he was equal to his bride, and therefore to the merchants from her circle. And absurd pride brought him to a cruel crime. Karandyshchev’s pride has turned into pride, and this is a very bad quality.

strength of character

A touching film shows the viewer the importance of character resilience.

It is necessary to withstand with honor all the blows of fate, no matter how cruel they may be. It is important not to sink into the abyss of despair, you need to try to find the good, the bright, the pure in the bad. You can’t give up, give up. Otherwise, misfortunes will do their job, they will only lead to a bad ending.

The inevitability of punishment

The film also contains one more, very important reasoning. Every bad deed must be punished. Karandyshev killed a man, he took the life of an unfortunate girl. Earthly punishment will not save him from eternal torments of conscience.

Those who have brought to a sad ending will have to live forever with the same torment. The wealth of these people will not save them from just retribution.

fatal indifference

A sad story shows that cruel indifference can also destroy a person. Quietly, without sympathy, others looked at the mental anguish of the main character. Their indifference, they brought the girl to death.

The meaning of the final

The ending of the sad story is filled with meaning. The pure soul of the girl could not bear what had happened. After Paratov’s insidious act, she had only one way out. But the girl did not dare to take her own life. She died at the hands of a man who could give her a quiet life.

But the understanding that she would have to spend her life with an insignificant husband was worse for the heroine than death itself. She couldn’t live like this, so she left. She left with thanks. Death for the poor girl was the best way out. Falling is worse than death for her.

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