About what and what is the meaning of the film Contrary to common sense

The feature film “Contrary to common sense” is the most extraordinary criminal tragedy made for the sake of all-round connoisseurs of high-quality cinema.

The young girl is a highly gifted artist as well as a business lady. The girl takes part in her father’s business. Her dad, an authoritative founder of the construction business, simply dreams of his own daughter’s wedding. Finally, the daughter met the right man, but on the eve of her marriage, she finds her betrothed in bed with another. Without thinking for a minute, she elementarily kicks her lovers out of her own living space, not noticing how the front door slammed shut.

Just at this time, Bogdan comes to support her: it turned out, in fact, that he had just arrived in the capital, and the woman could help him by lending the small necessary amount. Soon, Marina begins to cooperate with her classmate Sergei, who has become a fairly successful entrepreneur.

They quickly form a love affair, for which the woman has gigantic hopes. But suddenly Bogdan arrives in the home of the lovers: as it turned out, together with Sergey they started a personal business, but Barinov betrayed him. Sergei had to leave, he made an offer to an old acquaintance to live with him. And during this time, true love flares up between Marina and Bogdan. Then everything happens pretty quickly. Barinov learned about the intimate relationship of lovers, and Marina’s dad enters the intensive care unit with a bullet wound.

The meaning of the film Against common sense

“Contrary to common sense” (it also has a different name “Refuting Euclid”). This feature film is about how the fate of many people changes in an instant: a beloved husband can turn out to be an impudent womanizer, and a business partner can turn out to be a criminal with a very difficult life story.

Absolutely everyone has the opportunity to change their lives, to come to someone’s aid. This is the main idea on which the foundation of this film is built.

There is a great desire to highlight the acting in the film. With the help of the acting of the cast, from the first frames you can notice the idea of ​​the movie, which they are trying to convey to us.

Too commendable for the work done with the plot of the film. The film has no tension, there are no various acting techniques used in Hollywood films.

The plot of the film is believable and fascinating, fully reveals what the producers of the film wanted to convey to us. Films of this kind look literally on

In addition, the plot is very vital and interesting, such films always look inspired.

The movie is wonderful. It contains confirmation that for his woman, the male sex is ready for many things. Noble – the mountains will turn, and the scum – will show up impudence and disgusting. There is an opinion in everyday life that there is no friendship between women, but the film shows that men very elegantly hide their false friendliness and are always ready for extreme measures. The film is very worldly, about entrepreneurial activity, universal values, and, oddly enough, about the enmity between good and evil.

An intriguing story of bosom buddies with an absolutely unpredictable ending.

A very popular truth is that you cannot build your happiness on extraneous misfortune. This truth is fully displayed in the movie. The film tells us about love, the value of friendship and betrayal. There are a huge number of films shot on this topic, but this film from the first frame may interest the viewer, primarily due to the lack of templates.

Despite the diligent efforts of the main villain of the film, he fails to destroy love. The movie shows us how important love is in our lives. The difficulties that arise only bring the main characters closer, and the villain loses almost everything he has.

The meaning of the film’s ending

The feature film “Contrary to common sense” Presents positive emotions to the viewer as a gift. The film attracts a wide range of viewers. The feeling of love is a matter that is not measured in any units of measurement. Love defies logic and common sense.

Love comes and produces happiness in people. Sometimes, just one look can be enough to fall in love with a person. And it’s wonderful that the main characters of the film found each other. True love developed between them.

For the main characters, after all the hardships they have endured, the most important thing is to be together, no matter where, whether in the capital or Novosibirsk, as long as they are nearby. The film’s ending shows us how much true love should be valued.

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