About what and what is the meaning of the film “Billion”

The long-awaited film “Billion” was released on the screens of the country in April 2019. A whole galaxy of famous actors plays here, the director is Roman Prygunov, and the scriptwriter is Andrey Zolotarev.

What is the movie Billion about?

Levin Matvey Fedorovich (Vladimir Mashkov) is a successful Russian banker. But his business goes downhill when a trusted partner unexpectedly dies. Out of nowhere, his daughter appears and declares that, according to the documents, she is now the sole owner of the bank.

Then Levin recalls that he has many illegitimate children. It turns out that a dishonest employee of the perinatal center once sold the banker’s tests for the extraordinary fertilization of various women.

Levin finds already adult children. One of them is a talented hacker, the second is a bulldozer builder, the third works as a psychologist in a sect, and the fourth is generally a psycho and a loser robber who can find weapons even in the desert. Matvey’s daughter – Lyudmila herself finds dad.

Levin initiates the children into the plan he has developed. So everyone goes to France to get to the bank of Matvey Fedorovich, where in one of the cells there are documents confirming the businessman’s ownership of his brainchild.
But then everything does not go according to plan, and a large detachment of armed military men is driven to the French bank to arrest the failed robbers.

The meaning of the movie Billion

The idea of ​​the film “Billion” is as old as the world – only by joint efforts can much be achieved, especially if it is a family.

There is a famous fairy tale that is read to children from infancy. In it, the old father calls his sons and invites them to break the broom. They don’t get anything. Then the father summarizes – if his children stick together, help each other, then nothing will break them, like a broom. And one by one they can be broken, like broomsticks separately.

At first, the hero of Vladimir Mashkov was a selfish oligarch who had no feelings. He does not need a family, children, when the business flourished. But when the oligarch found himself in a hopeless situation, then he remembered the heirs and gave the order to urgently find them.

Such actions were not taken out of feelings of paternal love. Levin just needed a team, and unfamiliar offspring were perfect for this role.

In order not to become attached to the children, to keep them at a distance, Matvey Fedorovich even forbids them to call themselves a father. He comes up with a system of fines to make it an obedient brigade, an army of nameless soldiers that would help the banker get what he wants.

Indeed, for a long time he cannot or does not want to remember the names of his sons, constantly confusing their names.

The transformation of the hero is long and painful. So, when the originally developed plan failed, the police arrived at the bank, Levin preferred to retreat. He abandoned his children and quickly left the scene.

But a positive ending to the film is inevitable. At first it seems that the cold-blooded Matvey Fedorovich thinks only of himself, of saving himself.

But a sense of compassion begins to arise in him. When, after the failure of the operation, Levin comes to the bar to drink a glass or two of strong drink, he sees in the news release that an armed detachment has arrived at the bank, an assault is being prepared. Levin understands what this threatens his children.

Fortunately, one of the attack aircraft entered the same pub. Somehow the banker manages to undress the guardian of the law. Matvey Fedorovich puts on his uniform, body armor and goes to save his offspring.

The filmmakers continue to delight the viewer with positively developing events. After all, it is interesting to witness the rebirth of a cynical and insensitive person into a loving father.

But such rapid changes would not fit into the plot very harmoniously. Therefore, when the banker still helps out the children, he still seems just as calm and unbending. But when the offspring run up to their father, sympathize with him, he becomes the initiator of universal hugs and even allows himself to be called dad. Then the transformation of the protagonist is even faster.

Meaning of the Billion movie ending

When the armed guards of the law still break into the bank, Levin takes command of his squad. He tells the children that daddy will decide everything, they need to lie down and not provoke a shooting.

When a detachment of failed robbers is taken out, Matvey Fedorovich loudly declares that he invented all this so that the guys would be released and not punished. At the end of the film, the audience is waiting not only for the rebirth of Levin, but also for the second co-owner of the bank.

The once intractable and tough Irina Leonidovna becomes compassionate and accommodating. She already feels sorry for Levin and his team. She also asks the police to let them go. But for some time these thieves are still put in jail, apparently not for long.

When Levin’s detachment is released, everyone sees that Irina Leonidovna, together with her assistant Lyudmila, is waiting for them. The meaning of the film’s ending is also that love is capable of many things, it can radically change people. So Irina Leonidovna in the finale of the film turns into a woman who adores a man. Lyudmila and her adopted brother hacker Nikolai are glad that they are not relatives and can also love each other like a guy and a girl. The film ends with a happy ending.

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